Guest Post: The Quickest Ways for Small Businesses to Turn a Cold Lead Into a New Client

by Apr 22, 2021

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It takes time for any person to turn into a potential customer for your business. 

Even if your target has seen your marketing campaigns and heard of your brand in the past, they probably won’t be ready to buy straight away. 

That’s why organizations and businesses invest so much time and effort into finding ways to transform cold leads into potential clients. 

The term “cold lead” refers to someone who isn’t yet interested in purchasing your product or service. Sometimes, they haven’t even heard of your business before. 

Getting to the conversion point with these individuals means getting to know their interests, providing them with valuable information, and gradually nudging them towards the sale. 

Here are some of the quickest ways to turn those cold leads into clients. 

Know How to Find the Right Leads

You’ll have a much easier time converting your cold leads into clients if you start targeting the right potential customers from day one. 

This means providing all members on your sales team with information about your target customer. 

Developing a strong set of user personas that your team can use to identify the correct leads will ensure they’re spending their valuable time on the people most likely to convert. 

There are even tools out there that can help you to collect information about your user—and access it as a way of “qualifying” each lead with a potential value score. 

Once you know what an ideal client might look like for your business, you’ll even be able to create entire best-practice playbooks for your sales team members to follow. 

Your sales team should be able to rely on comprehensive best-practice guidelines and support that make targeting leads easy. 

Use Lead Magnets

Lead magnets are the tools that help you attract potential customers to your business without as much effort from your sales team. 

You can regard them as a form of inbound marketing assets, intended to convince your customers to reach out to you, and provide their information, so you can convert them into a paying client in the future. 

A lead magnet sits on a landing page or a squeeze page in your website.

It provides customers with something they find valuable in exchange for their contact information. 

For instance, you can offer a free eBook download to customers who might be interested in joining your community. 

Once they give you their email to receive the eBook, you can create an email marketing campaign designed to nurture that lead into a paying customer. 

If possible, A/B test your lead magnet options to see which offers are more likely to convince your customers to sign up for your newsletter. 

You can also A/B test copy and other factors. 

Know Your Differentiators

It is important to understand your customers when you’re trying to turn cold leads into sales, but it’s also crucial to know your brand and how it compares to the competition. 

That’s where user personas come into play.

You should have a decent insight into the pain points and issues that your customers frequently face, thanks to your user personas. 

Using that information, ask yourself what you can offer that your competitors can’t. 

You may need to conduct some competitor analysis at this point. 

This will help you notice if there are any valuable extras that you can provide to your customers that your competition has missed. 

You may even discover extra customer groups that you can target, ones that have previously under-served by existing brands. 

Once you know your differentiators, create a document that can go alongside your brand guidelines. 

This information will give your sales reps insights into what they should be focusing on in each pitch. 

Some businesses even create playbooks and scripts to help their teams. 

Don’t Forget Cold Calling

Cold calling might be one of the older strategies available to connect your brand with customers today, but it remains valuable when you’re trying to collect leads. 

Cold calling means finding potential lists of would-be customers and reaching out to them with messages that you’ve tailor-made to address their needs and pain points. 

However, you have to go about it the right way.

The important thing to remember when you’re getting started with cold calling is that this kind of outbound marketing can be irritating if you don’t know how to do it correctly. 

You need to ensure that you’re targeting the customers who are most interested in your offer. 

You’ll also need to work hard on crafting a sales pitch that immediately appeals to your audience. 

Through an effective cold-calling strategy, you can begin building a relationship with your customer that can evolve through further conversations, demos, and even online meetings. 

Train Your Team

Your ability to successfully convert cold leads into interested customers depends heavily on the experience that your team members can offer. 

Today’s clients are becoming increasingly demanding when it comes to the kind of support and service they expect. 

With that in mind, be ready to train your team members as regularly as possible. 

As you collect information from customer conversations in your CRM system, use the data you gather to update your training strategies.

Your goal should be to give your team members extra guidance. Help them out with difficult conversations by giving them potential scripts to follow or assigning mentors that can step in when a call gets out of hand. 

The more confident your team members are in their abilities, and the more information they have to guide them through the sales process, the less likely they’ll be to make dangerous mistakes. 

Remember to take advantage of technology to collect valuable insights from your sales reps, so you can add them to your training strategies later. 

Start Converting Those Leads

Every customer starts as a cold lead—even your most dedicated clients. 

Being able to strengthen your brand image and attract more sales means knowing how to make the most of your cold lead conversion strategies. 

With the tips above, you should have everything you need to begin pushing conversations with would-be clients in the right direction. 


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