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Privilege: A Rant

On the eve of my return to the US for the first time in over a year, I'm finding myself pretty skeptical as to how I'll adapt. Lately all I seem to see online is people talking about privilege and victimization. I'm not sure if this is just some algorithmic bubble - I...

Mastering Your Emotions for Better Business

This week I dive into a little bit about decision making, managing emotions and the mindset behind running a business and staying in business when things go awry in your personal life. Taking CONSISTENT action is really key when you want to create a life you love or...

How to Start Getting What You Want

Tony Robbins says that if you want a better life, you should start making better decisions. More importantly, once you've made the decision - you've decided what you want, you've decided you're not willing to settle anymore, you must take IMMEDIATE action. You see, we...

Should You Quit Your Job to Travel?

Have you been thinking about starting a business so you can travel? If you're not passionate about growing your own business, you should ABSOLUTELY NOT start a business! If you want to travel, you can just look for remote work - it's a lot easier! Starting a business...

5 Tips for Long-Term Travel

In this week's video I answer the most common question I get about life on the road & life with Remote Year - how do you pack for a year of travel!? How to get everything in your bag? The short answer? I don't! Pack light, buy local so you can dress for the climate...

How to Get Started as a Digital Nomad

And do you want to? After 13 months of full-time travel, I’m sitting down to answer some of your top questions about this life and my adventures with Remote Year and as a solo digital nomad. Today I talk about how I got started and share some key tips for changing...

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