Do What You Love. Profit Anywhere.
Ready to ditch your golden handcuffs for a freelance or consulting business you can run anywhere? Let me show you how to get focused and get to $100K fast.

Do What You Love. Profit Anywhere.

Ready to ditch your golden handcuffs for a freelance or consulting business you can run anywhere? Let me show you how to get focused and get to $100K fast.
The world needs more quitters.

Designers, Copywriters, Strategists, Consultants…

All the best quit.

They quit their day job, quit wearing golden handcuffs, quit commuting, and quit living someone else’s dream…

Then they go make a boatload of money working for themselves and never wear a pair of khakis again.

Look, I get it...

Working for somebody else is comfortable.

And giving up your paycheck as scary AF.

Especially if you don’t know how to set up a business. 

Because even if you’re good at what you do?

(And I’m betting you are.)

You need bidniz skillz to succeed.

So whaddaya do?

You take a course.

But too many courses focus on the craft and not the business foundation...

Sure, learning is great, but you need to know how to create a business plan.

Build a brand.

Set up your website.

Identify your ideal clients.

Market yourself.

Position yourself as an expert. 

And finally get over that dang Impostor Syndrome that makes you feel like you’re not ready— even though you’re a complete bada**!

Hey, I’m Kate Bagoy.

Designer turned business strategist & coach.

And more than 60% of my clients leave their full-time jobs within 6 months of working with me


Because they’re making more in their side hustle than they are at their 9-5. 

Now, obviously, you have to be good at what you do, but…

I can help you with just about everything else.

So, how do we get started?

I've got a short training video (it's free).

First, I'll teach you some biz & marketing fundamentals.

Then, we'll talk about what you actually need to start working with high-value clients.

Finally, I'll give you deets on how you can work with me if you DO want more.

Best case scenario, you get some valuable tips and maybe decide to work with me to get your first big client (goal = $5K+/monthly income < 6 months).

Worst case scenario... ya can't stand the sound of my voice, curse me for stealing a few minutes of your time & unsubscribe from my emails.

What've you got to lose?

Click the button below to get started


Meet Kate

A startup designer & marketer by trade, I’m just a nerd with an MBA who's helped 100's of entrepreneurs get started and get traction.

In my last career, I helped build a couple dozen tech startups from the ground up, and was a sought-after mentor at business accelerators. 

But before that, I was just another corporate burnout dying to escape my life and perfect-on-paper job that was eating me alive spiritually. 

I wanted to create my own hours and build my own legacy - but I didn't have a clue where to start and I was so.damn.scared.

What if I f**cked it up? What if I failed? What if I died alone, half-eaten by cats..?

But in 2015, after a half-dozen attempts & a lot of $$$'s spent, I finally quit my last day job and built a 6-figure business from my living room.

Now I travel full-time as a digital nomad and help others skip the struggles I faced when I started my 1st business.

I look forward to helping you start YOUR own business.

Click here to apply. 

Are You Ready!?

Do you have what it takes to build a $100K+ freelance or consulting business you can run anywhere?

It's Easier Than You Think to Get to 6-Figures as a Freelancer, Consultant or Coach...

Really... you need 1 client who will pay you $10K or 2 clients who'll pay you $5k.

Super simple - IF you know how to connect with and market yourself to those types of clients - which I'll teach you how to do.

But I have a confession to make...

You probably have a dozen freebies in your inbox telling you exactly what to do to grow your business.

Find your ideal client. Create an amazing offer. Start conversations. Build a funnel to generate leads.

Business is actually very simple. 

What makes it near impossible to start and grow quickly is that lump of muscle between your ears.

Your brain was designed to protect you, and wants to keep you safe - by keeping you small.

So your brain tells you that you're not good enough, that you need to download another freebie, that you should start offering 16 million services instead of learning how to sell ONE to your ideal client...

And you stay stuck & overwhelmed.

Your lack of clients probably has less to do with your strategy, and more to do with your mindset.

Lucky for you, when you work with me, you get a business strategist, marketing mentor AND a mindset coach all in one tiny, slightly potty-mouthed, tattooed package.

Which means I can help you create your $100K+ business plan - and outsmart your brain to actually execute it - so you can do what you love and profit anywhere.

Let's design a life you love more than a fat kid loves cake.

It has been truly life changing. I went from shy, scared and unfocused to productive, confident and hitting my first $5k month. My clarity skyrocketed and my business and my life has changed forever.

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Belema, Digital Strategist

"The Six Figure Formula"
Free Video Training with Kate Bagoy
How a niche can help you charge 2x, 3x, or even 10x more than your competitors
The biggest mindset shift you need to make to get to $100K+ 
The #1 difference between struggling freelancers and 6-figure freelancers
The simple 4-part process for attracting ideal clients (consistently)
Learn how you can get to consistent $10K+ months, without working 100% of hours per week or making cold calls. Watch this free video to get started.

Kate's Six Figure Freelancer program and personal coaching transformed my life and business. Not only did I finally start my company but within 90 days I've already connected with 80 companies and have 10 proposals out valued at $700,000.

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Dan, Startup Consultant

My Six Figure Freelancers Framework™ will help you get to $10K months, fast - without all the tears & fears - so you can quit that soul-sucking corporate job for good.