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Hi, I'm Kate, and I'm a Quitter.

Just like you.

I quit my first dream job without a plan in 2008.

Then again in 2011 and 2016. (Twice).

  • I quit drinking in 2012.
  • I quit watching the news in 2014.
  • I quit working for someone else in 2016.
  • I quit living a “traditional” American life in 2017.
  • I quit Remote Year.

The point is… I’ve been where you are, and I’m still standing.

I know behind those RayBans & that killer smile, you’re really scared sh*tless of making a change… and not having a plan feels like suicide to a control freak like you.

Relax, I’ve got you. Some people aren’t made for life in a box.

Some people were meant to create and inspire and live out loud and put a dent in the f*cking universe.

I can help you do that, AND profit.

My Promise to You

If you don’t have a vision and plan for starting your new life or business within 2 sessions, my coaching services are free.*

*I’ve yet to have to make good on that promise, but here is the fine print: if you purchase a coaching package from me and are unsatisfied with your progress, simply request a refund before your third session and I will refund 100% of any money paid. No questions asked, no hard feelings, no hassle.

Online Life & Business Coaching

As a coach, I guide you through uncharted territory with equal parts accountability and strategy, a sprinkle of mindset and a whole lot of cheerleading. We’ll start by getting you clear on exactly what you want, then create a plan for getting it & achieving your goals.

How It Works

My programs are 100% online so I can work with you anywhere in the world. I have clients all over the world – including Bali, London, Portland, Denver, Bogota, Sydney and Los Angeles! Our sessions together are conducted via Zoom Video Meeting.

1. You Book Weekly Sessions

You’ll schedule weekly appointments at times that work for you and fill out a weekly call sheet that let’s me know what you’re working on, what you’ve accomplished and where you’re struggling.

2. We Meet Online

At the allotted time, you’ll join me in my video conference room. I’ll start by asking you questions about your accountability homework, then we’ll work together to get you moving into your action steps for the upcoming week.

3. You Get Clarity & Take Action

You’ll leave our call with complete clarity around what to focus on, a plan for taking action and the accountability to get everything done so you get results.

Apply for Personal Coaching

One-on-One Coaching

I only work with 5 private coaching clients at a time so we gotta make sure we vibe.

After reviewing your application, if it sounds like a good match, you’ll be invited to book a 15-minute consultation with me to discuss my programs and make sure we got together like peas & carrots.

If it’s not a match, I’ll do my best to point you in the right direction.

Don’t let a little form scare you away from changing your life today.

Everything happens the minute you decide to say yes to yourself.

  • How long has this been an issue? What else have you tried?

Please note: coaching packages require a minimum $2000 investment. Payment plans and jump start options are available starting at $299.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I work with you?

You should work with me if you want to build a profitable business that allows you the freedom to work anywhere and the profit to travel. You should work with me if you want to stop wasting time on time on the wrong things and start getting what you want out of life. I’ve worked with 100’s of startups, small business owners, entrepreneurs of all walks of life and I can help you work work through just about any business challenge you’re facing. My areas of expertise are online marketing, design and product management – but if you can name it, I’ve probably done it or know how to get you pointed in the right direction. I have spent my career helping people build their businesses and I can help you build yours. On a personal level, I’ve made major changes to improve my life, and overcome many challenges including addiction and childhood trauma, selling all my possessions and leaving the US to travel full-time with remote year, corporate burnout, depression, anxiety and obesity. I’ve come to understand that it’s our decisions that control our destiny, not our conditions – and I’ll help you make better decisions.

What is Coaching or Consulting?

Consulting is helping you problem solve in your business. You’re not getting enough clients? We’ll look at your marketing, leads and referral systems to identify why, then create a plan for fixing the problem. My coaching is ongoing support, problem solving and strategy, combined with cheerleading and mindset work. Because you are your own worst enemy in entrepreneurship – and your fear, overwhelm, confusion, focusing on the wrong efforts or failure to execute can put you out of business. Coaching is often talked about similar to therapy, but the difference is that therapy typically focuses on your past and what’s cause your mindset problems, where as coaching focuses on getting you moving forward in-spite your circumstances.