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Hi, I’m Kate. I help creative corporate burnouts start and grow businesses.

I spent most of my "successful" career feeling like a square peg in a round hole. I was just never satisfied with the 9-to-5 and I knew there was more to life.

When my corporate job became a living nightmare I quit without a plan, got an MBA... and struggled for years to build a business (always ending up in a great-on-paper job I hated).

Finally, with the help of a coach, I managed to reach $120k, doing what I love, and I've not worked for anyone else I again.

Now I live the #laptoplifestyle and help others as an online business coach - putting a decade of startup experience (& a passion for personal development) to use helping you skip the struggles I faced.

If you're ready to escape the cubicle life for good, I'd love to help.

Online Business Coaching Success Stories

Kate is a phenomenal coach and cheerleader. She is constantly encouraging me to dream bigger about my business, which I launched a year earlier than expected in huge part due to her encouragement. She helps keep me motivated and on task when I have doubts about my ability to keep moving forward. I would not be where I am today with my business without Kate’s guidance.

Christina Thelin

Brand Strategist

I want to say a special thank you for all you did for me in the last 6 months. It has been truly life changing. I went from shy, scared and unfocused to productive, confident and hitting my first $5k month. My clarity skyrocketed and my business and my life has changed forever. Thank you for being an amazing coach, pushing me through all my mindset blocks and getting me to explore the potential you knew I always had. I really appreciate it.

Belema Ronabere

Digital Strategist

In a one hour meeting with Kate, I went from feeling like I had NO idea how to start my business to having a fully laid out plan, and more importantly, full confidence in myself that I could do it. She helped me set real, attainable goals and come up with ways to achieve them far sooner than I could have hoped. She made me feel empowered, which was the most important first step for me to get started. I would recommend Kate to any and everyone.

Zoe Weiner

Freelance Journalist

Online Business Coaching Programs

Get the support you need to grow your business online and create more time, money and freedom. For more details about my online business coaching programs, select the description that MOST sounds like you, or click here to apply for private coaching.

Business Coaching for Established Entrepreneurs

You’ve broken 6-figures, now you're overwhelmed by all-the-things you need to do. Lucky for you, my super powers include guiding you through scaling your business without losing your mind.

Business Coaching for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

You’ve got a great idea and dream of starting a business you can run anywhere, but right now you’re stuck in a corporate office and are so burnout you can barely focus on Game of Thrones, much less build your own empire.

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Business Coaching for Freelancers & Consultants

You’re fantastic at your craft, and you love working for yourself, but you have no idea how to market and sell your services, so you’re playing the feast or famine game… or can’t quit your day job yet.

Packages start at $2,000. Just need a quick fix? Book by the minute here.

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Obsessed with travel since a flight to Oregon at age 6, I left the US in January 2017 to travel full-time as a digital nomad & run my business entirely online - helping other entrepreneurs grow profitable #workanywhere businesses. Want me on your podcast or blog? Contact me here.

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Get the Six Figure Freelancers Formula

Ready to land high-value clients and get to 6-figures as a small business owner? Here's the strategy you need! Learn my secret to attracting $5K+ freelance clients, every month, even while traveling the world.

Start Your Business While on Retreat!

Join us in Lisbon, Portugal for 5 days to rest, rejuvenate and skyrocket your small business! Meet us at Entrepreneur House Lisbon to build your business plan and marketing plan, launch your website and make lifelong connections.

3 Must Haves to Convert Website Visitors Into Sales

Pop-ups have gotten a bad name, however when used right, they can double or even triple your email list! In this webinar, we’ll share our best tips for making the most of your traffic.

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