How to Create More Compelling Content on Social Media

by Jul 20, 2022

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Social media is an essential part of modern-day advertising and branding. The amount of time that the average individual spends online now is so significant that your use of social media is equally as important as your use of commercial property. That’s why your content on social media has got to be top-notch.

Use Visuals on Posts

Your content needs to be attention-grabbing. It needs to be something that makes people pause when scrolling. Simply put, a block of text will not do that; you need visuals. That might be a photo ad, it might be a short video, but you need to have elements with color and personality that jump off the screen and grab their attention. Make sure that you go along with basic graphic design principles. Keep things simple and within a certain aesthetic. Make it recognizable. Make sure the message of the visual media is clear and (although it should be engaging) not inappropriate. You can either hire a graphic designer, or you can try to do things yourself with free programs like Canva.

Find Your Voice

This one is a little bit more of a nebulous concept, but it’s important. Your company’s voice is part of your branding. It can be hard to understand a voice just from looking at a business logo – but think about commercials that you’ve seen for other brands or restaurants. They usually have a short, punchy motto that never changes. Their commercials usually have a certain tone. The aesthetic, colors, and logo of the brand fit right in with the voice and the attitude. A well-defined brand voice can help you connect with your target audience. That is what you can try and capture on social media. You can use it in visual media and with interactions with clients. Again, be careful to keep yourself professional.

Interact With Potential Clients

One last important tip is that you should not simply post things. You need to interact. You should want people to see your brand, see your voice, and be compelled by the content. You can respond to comments or questions about the brand. The brand itself can ask questions. You can try to be both serious and funny at the right moments. Be cautious about overstepping boundaries and know that most people tend to be wary of brands on social media, perceiving them as inauthentic.

Good content is hard to make, even for regular people who don’t have to promote a business. The key is consistency and persistence. Your brand isn’t going to be built overnight. If you prepare, innovate, and know the medium well, you’ll have great company content in no time.

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How to Create More Compelling Content on Social Media

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