Guest Post- How to Build Brand Trust With Transparency: Top Tips

by Jun 15, 2021

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Look, every business owner knows that trust and loyalty are super valuable in customer-relationships. An eCommerce business selling books, like Book of Ra kostenlos, needs trust to build customer loyalty. Failing to do so makes it impossible to keep long-term customers on board. If a company is not clear about its intentions and business methods, people will go to the more open competitors. To avoid this situation, you need to make transparency the primary strategy in your business practices. Let’s take a look at how it works in practice.


What Does It Take to Maintain Brand Transparency in Business (and Build Trust)

Every company can benefit immensely from having a presence on social media. In 2020, there were over 3 billion people all over the world using various social media sites. Pages like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube allow you to reach your target audience every day via ads and other social media posts. Customers have gotten so used to hearing from their favorite brands via Facebook feeds that they’re not likely to trust a company with zero social media presence. Even a simple Facebook page makes a business instantly more approachable and therefore trustworthy. People can use it to find brand information and ask questions. But there are many approaches to building a social media presence. What is the most efficient way of building brand trust via social media? First and foremost, a business needs to let the public know about how they run the business. 

It involves the following steps:

  • Asking for honest customer feedback that you can post on your social media page. That lets the customers know that you value honesty.
  • Giving honest answers to even the most sensitive questions. One of the primary issues that consumers have with online businesses is the safety of their credit card details and other personal data. No matter what your policies are, it’s good to be open about them.
  • Sharing stories about how the business started. It is an effective strategy that not only builds transparency but also humanizes your brand. And guess what? People buy more from brands that share relatable human stories.
  • Showing how the products get made. Maybe your customers are eco-conscious. You’ll gain their loyalty if your product-making process is in tune with eco-friendliness.


Clarity of your Website

Trustworthy brands are excellent in keeping their websites as direct and easy to use as possible. That means eliminating all distractions. The first page of your website should be only a link to the customer area. If you feel like that’s too minimalistic, just put yourself in the shoes of a customer for a second. When they first come to your page, they don’t want to see a lot of distracting information. All they need is a strong argument for why your brand products are necessary.

Another thing you need to be absolutely clear about is your prices. If there are high transportation fees to a client’s location, don’t let your customers know that only a click away from the purchase. That only increases the shopping cart abandonment rate. Instead, let the customer know about all the fees as soon as possible. 

Guest Post- How to Build Brand Trust With Transparency: Top Tips 1

Openness With Reviews

You’ve probably noticed that Google search features customer reviews. That means that having customer reviews on your website is essential for your SEO strategy. But what if some customer reviews are negative? Wouldn’t it scare away possible clients? The answer is no. Companies should not fear the backlash of negative reviews. Think about it this way: even if some of the reviews are negative, displaying them shows your readiness to address customer concerns. Everybody makes mistakes. Some products may be faulty. Or some days your services are unable to produce the desired results. But you can build life-long relationships with customers only if you’re honest about your errors and do everything you can to make them good. This kind of transparent attitude builds trust with people. 


Collecting Data – Get the Permission First

Marketers collect data to target their market more effectively every day (they also sell the collected data to third parties). It has become a security issue because too many agencies’ have suffered from data breaches. So these days, most consumers expect to be informed before any piece of information gets tracked. All you need to do is set up a pop-up window with the data policies notification on your website. 

But let’s be honest, sometimes the pop-up windows that ask for various permissions can be quite annoying to the user. So they shouldn’t appear every time someone visits your website. Instead, they can pop up only after a user starts inserting data that is collected.


Producing Expert Content

Why is it so important to keep the quality of your content as high as possible? Firstly, when people get real value from your posts, they are more likely to share them with friends and family. So they become advocates for the brand you’re building. But creating valuable content that establishes you as an authority in your field also helps with transparency. It shows your readers that you care about their time and are genuinely interested in improving their lives. Connecting with customers on such a personal level creates trust and life-long bonds. 

Another thing to point out about expert content is that you need to post it often. Once a month is not good enough. One of the biggest branding mistakes for new companies is that they lack consistency. If a customer  becomes your fan, they expect great reading from you at least once a week. 



What is brand transparency in the modern world? It’s all about making your business more truthful and open to customers. The portraits of brands are very diverse, and each company approaches trust building a little differently. But the tips from this article should help you create a more transparent business that draws people in and gains their loyalty. You’ll meet their expectations and establish relationships that last for years. And guess what? Authentic connections make people buy from you. What could be better? 

How does your company build brand transparency and loyalty at the workplace? Share your best tips in the comments.


Guest Post- How to Build Brand Trust With Transparency: Top Tips 2
Thomas Glare is a well-known entrepreneur. He has even studied the changing trends in business dynamics, and keenly understands the value of customer experience. All his business chains profoundly focus on customer preferences. His methods are a muse to many start-up companies too. He also takes part in seminars as a guest speaker to give valuable advice on brand development.



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