How to Avoid Employee Burnout at Your Company

by Feb 10, 2022

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As you are running a business you have to mind the balance between making sure that your employees are productive and happy in the workplace? As someone who’s struggled with corporate burnout, I can test that it is not a place you want your employees or team members to get to. When you can strike that balance you can avoid burnout and ensure that your employees are loyal and able to work hard to make things run smoothly. As you work to make the workplace a positive environment for your employees, you can start to create a healthy place for great work to be accomplished.

Encourage Vacation Time

It has recently become trendy to promote unlimited paid time off for your employees. This technique actually works great, but in addition to offering the PTO, you have to create a culture where your employees are encouraged to use the time they have. You don’t have to offer unlimited vacation time, but you do need to encourage using vacation time, and actively work to show that taking vacations is a good thing. When you can make that happen for your team, they will be able to take breaks when they need them and come back feeling excited about their work and more able to produce great things.

Be Clear About Roles

Burnout can happen at any business, but it happens most when people aren’t sure what their role is at the company. When this happens, your employees may take on more than they should and become burned out after a short period of time. When roles are clearly designated, your employees will know what they need to do and what they should not do so they can have clear boundaries about their work life. Process mapping clearly outlines who does what and the standards used to measure success.

Build in Break Time

It’s important that your employees know that they can take breaks, and that they take advantage of them. Encourage your employees to schedule their main breaks on their calendar as if they are meetings. That way they won’t be pulled into work when they are supposed to be taking a break. It can also help to create a comfortable break area that actually helps your employees to relax.

When your employees are excited about their work and have comfort and flexibility, their work will improve. This will prevent burnout and keep your turnover rate as minimal as possible. Talk to your employees about their wants and needs so you can work together to make your company a place where everyone feels successful and supported.

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