Guest Post: Mastering the LinkedIn Platform for Ultimate Lead Generation

by Jan 6, 2022

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Unlike other traffic-heavy social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram, LinkedIn is the ultimate destination for effective lead generation. As LinkedIn harnesses a crowd of professional users, it makes every attempt to grow your business worthwhile. 

Evidently enough, 92% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn for lead generation because of the success it guarantees. Such a platform might be the best bet for small business owners to have exponential growth. 

That said, it does not magically happen overnight even if you google how to network on LinkedIn a million times. You would have to put in the effort to create innovative campaigns, generate leads, network with the right people, and retain those connections. Here is a short guide on what you should keep in mind before you expect lead generation. 

Make a Business Page 

To make a real difference in generating leads, it is best that you create a LinkedIn business page. Not only is it more effective to run a company from a business page, but it also separates your identity from that of the company. 

Here is a short guide on how to create a LinkedIn business page:

  • Go to the top-right corner of your homepage and select the Work icon 
  • Click on Create a Company Page
  • Pick your page type from the options:
    • Small business
    • Medium to large business
    • Showcase page
    • Educational institution (high school or university/college)
  • Enter your page identity, company details, and profile details
  • Check the verification box to confirm that you can control the company’s account 
  • Select Create page
  • Click on Start building your page! to build out your business profile

With this ammo in your hand, you can pump out brand-centric content and company updates while expanding your range of customers. 

LinkedIn Marketing 

If your brand is new to the business world, let us introduce you to the minefield that is LinkedIn marketing. Over 80% of B2B leads generated through social media come from LinkedIn alone, which means that you could reap substantial benefits if you get your marketing game right. 

Your marketing strategies can be organic or paid, that is, through content marketing on your page or advertisement campaigns. Through the latest video feature on LinkedIn, you can create engaging videos or host live streams on your profile to promote your brand image. 

However, instead of stringing together concepts, perform a thorough evaluation of your brand image and how you can capitalize on a unique theme. By following trends or generating unique marketing stints, you can expand your customer base by making content that appeals to them. 

Advertisement Campaigns 

Even though the public would generally consider Facebook advertising campaigns the better option because of the sheer number of users, LinkedIn advertisement campaigns usually generate more leads due to the value vested in the user base. 

Hubspot compiled their data from sponsored content on LinkedIn, and they noticed that while the cost-per-click is higher for LinkedIn, the conversion rate is double that of any other platform. 

As a business owner, you can target your LinkedIn audience to minute details like: 

  • Company industry, size, and name
  • Job title, function, and seniority

So, if your service is dedicated to senior positions, you can target that specific demographic and bolster your sales. Unlike a traffic-heavy website, your advertisements will not get scattered across the platform to people who might not even care about them. 


To thrive in any space, it is vital that you network with other users. In LinkedIn especially, you can reach a wide range of users with the networking feature. By networking with notable personalities, you can expand your business drastically as it will reach their connections as well. 

Around 20% of LinkedIn users have purchasing power for their companies, which means you can reach influential figures if you generate high-quality content and advertisements. LinkedIn is also used by most Fortune 500 companies and getting into similar networking spaces would mean soaring success for your company. 

To be perceived as a storehouse of valuable information, you can begin posting content-heavy articles that are informative and engaging, as such content can appear off-site as well. You can also post polls on your page to increase engagement and host giveaways or similar activities as innovative marketing tactics. 

Another golden feature to boost your networking game is LinkedIn groups. You can join groups that are beneficial for your company in any means and form acquaintances with notable figures. 

Along with conversing with other people, you can post informational content which is non-promotional to gain the stamp of authenticity within such circles.

Key Takeaways

LinkedIn has a plethora of features for you to maximize your influence on targeted audiences. To get the most of it, you need to remain updated with LinkedIn features and make sure that you follow the right way to approach it. 

Here is what you can take away from this article to generate leads:

  • Instead of using your page to promote your brand, create a LinkedIn business page so that you can have a brand image separate from yours 
  • Initiate unique marketing stints by being staying updated with LinkedIn features and following social media trends to expand your customer base
  • Start advertising campaigns on LinkedIn to generate leads and make use of its features to grow your reach by targeting valuable demographic
  • Network with notable figures within your industry by reaching out to them via comments or personal messages and joining LinkedIn groups where you can create a good impression for your company before a larger audience 

All said and done, note that your marketing stints will not work unless you do. So, use these golden tips to adopt unique marketing tricks and watch the leads come in!

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