It’s not enough to just think about WHO we’re listening to anymore. Now we have to think about HOW MUCH we’re listening to.

  • How many articles did you read today?
  • How many ads did you see?
  • How many things are vying for your attention?

It’s overwhelming when you think about it.

It can be even worse for entrepreneurs. We tend to already be overwhelmed and working on 15 projects at once.

So I tell my coaching clients to limit their information intake. To cut out the noise.

But at some point in the last 6-months I stopped taking my own advice and started overloading on input.

Subscribing to email lists, signing up for webinars, grabbing all the email freebies, following the hell out of everyone on social media with a shiny download…

And sure enough, in short time I became so overloaded and confused that I became completely ineffective. Not to mention fricking terrified of opening my email. And I’m typically a bit of an email Nazi – I spend a fair amount of time setting up systems to keep things out of my inbox.

I know if I’m feeling this overwhelmed, some of you out there (who’re perhaps a little less anal-retentive than yours truly), must be losing your damn minds.

Because we are just so inundated with ads + sales + valuable information + for me, its just ALL.TOO.MUCH.

I actually found myself thinking about quitting my coaching business last week (yes, again) – not because I don’t love it or see a future in it, but because I got so fricking overloaded with the all the things I “should” be doing and feeling like I’m clearly a sh*tty marketer because I’m not making 100-million-dollars on every launch like all the other coaches do.

And also simultaneously knowing that so many of these “coaches” are completely full of crap and super-shady in their tactics (or at least less than transparent) and feeling like I have to be a complete asshat on social media to get any traction.

You know the folks I’m talking about, right?

There’s the “Humble Bragger” who just can’t believe what an amazing week she had when 47 of her 1-on-1 clients made 7-figures, or the blatant “here’s the Lamborghini I bought with my pocket money” braggarts, or the “if you just download this PDF your life’ll never be the same + you’ll crap rainbows for eternity” jack-wagon.

I urge you to think of this picture every time someone wants you to grab their freebie. You’re Welcome. Photo by Taylor Bryant on Unsplash

Photo by Taylor Bryant on Unsplash

I’m so fricking over it, and I know you are too.

So I’m going to be making adjustments to  how I interact with information personally, as well as my business practices.

For one thing, I’m aiming to simplify my own marketing and to be authentic as f*ck.

I prefer to write long form versus spend my time on social media, so I’m challenging myself to write at least a blog post a week for 2018 and to spend a fair amount of time trying to simplify complex concepts in print & video training.

You ever wonder why you’d spend $400 on a textbook in college but only study 10% of it?

Well, I think a lot of business and marketing programs on the web are like that now too. We have sooooooooo much info available to us at any given time. The trick is to being a good coach or teacher is learning how to go thorough all the crap material and distill it down into the essentials.

Which is harder than it seems, because it means we have to overload ourselves with information too… and then dig our way out of the tunnel.

Like what I’m doing for 6FF – I’m trying to give creative freelancers the business school cliff notes; Instead of creating a course with 40 hours of coursework a week, I’m purposefully trying to keep the content clear, concise and action oriented.

But I also want to include new best practices so I gotta keep learning… and I also have to learn how to sell and market online programs in a new industry… so I sign up for more stuff… and then my.brain.explodes.


Anyway, the point is, I encourage you to STOP listening to everyone with a message and to hand-pick the content you consume.

If you don’t get value from email lists, unsubscribe.

(Yes, even mine! I’m even happy to recommend other coaches or programs that’ll work for you – #communityovercompetition)

If you get value but get overloaded, filter them out of your inbox and save them up for a binge.

But do yourself a favor and start clearing the overwhelm out of your life.

I’ve posted a few of my favorite digital decluttering tips tips over at the blog:

5 Things You Can Do Today to Reduce Digital Overload

Have any you’d like to add?

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