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I’ve been working online since 2010 & I love to test new software. I’m a proud affiliate for some of the tools on this page because I actually use and enjoy them – I never endorse anything I haven’t or wouldn’t use myself.

Mindset & Learning

Of course, I’d love it if you worked with me, but these are some of the coaches who’ve changed my life & business.

Change Your Life in a Weekend

To say that Tony Robbins has changed my life and business would be an understatement. I booked a ticket to Unleash the Power Within after watching the Netflix documentary “I Am Not Your Guru,” and have since attended Date with Destiny in Australia and Business Mastery in Amsterdam. I consider Tony to be the best teacher I’ve ever had, and I cannot recommend his events enough – they’re designed to immerse you in learning so you can make lasting change. As such are very intense, but worth every moment & every penny.

Tools 2

Change Your Mind in a Weekend

I attend a LOT of events – it’s one of my favorite way to learn. Immersion learning can be so powerful and a great way to meet a lot of people. Millionaire Mind Intensive in London was an extremely powerful event for me, where I learned how flawed my beliefs about money were – and more importantly how those beliefs were keeping me in debt and stuck. If you have the chance to attend, I can’t recommend it enough!

Tools 3

Change Your Relationship with Money

Attending the Millionaire Mind Intensive was one of the most transformative experiences I’ve had, outside of Tony Robbins events. While these events aren’t running in the US at the moment, I’ve become a huge fan of T. Harv Ecker and his programs – all designed for elevating your thoughts about about money and ability to earn from your business. Check out a free web training and keep your eye open for Millionaire Mind Intensive events in your city when they start up again.

Tools 4

Learn How to Sell

I learned about Matthew Kimberly through a Tony Robbins Business Mastery event and quickly became a fan. Maybe it’s because of the dry, British sense of humor or maybe it’s just that his sales tips are gold, but either way you should definitely check out the Single Malt Mastermind if you’d like a little accountability and weekly sales tips. This was a great entry-level accountability coaching option and is one of the few emails I open every week.

Project Management & Accounting

Tools 5


I’m a software nerd and I’ve tested 100’s of management tools over the years. For creative business owners & freelancers, Honeybook is the best designed app with amazing support – they’ll even setup your account for you! AND, since I’m now part of their educator program, you can sign up & receive a 50% discount for your first year!

Digital Marketing & Growth

Tools 6

Build your LinkedIn Network

LinkedIn is one of the most powerful sites for growing a B2B business. By connecting with other businesses that need your services, and building relationships, you can get leads FAST. Plus, your LinkedIn profile shows up in search results, helping you to get 1st page google search results. If you want to grow your network, ML is a great tool.

Tools 7

Use quizzes to build your list

Creating a quiz was one of the best moves for marketing, and I’ll be using them more in the upcoming year – people love to learn about themselves, and Interact’s quiz builder makes it easy to create an interactive quiz, even providing pre-built templates. You can choose from multiple types of scoring or grouping, integrate with your email list and there are tons of other features. I’ve doubled my email list in the last month, and I’d give about 50% of the credit to Interact quizzes. Try it!

Tools 8

Boost Client Engagement

I’m not sure how I came across Bonjoro, I think maybe they found me. But this uber cool platform lets you send videos via email to your clients super easily, and it integrates will with a lot of other programs. So, if you have an email list or a digital signup form, you can integrated it with Bonjoro and get an alert that someone’s signed up and you can reply with a video. Totally cool. Annnnd, the team at Bonjoro is pretty much awesome sauce – I’ve worked with a lot of startups and these guys are doing it right. Check em out!

Tools 9

Drive Traffic to Your Blog

I found this little gen via an AppSumo deal and I’m SOOOO glad I invested. Basically, you register your blog and anytime you publish a new post, Missingltr auto-magically creates a years worth of posts – even selecting quotes and images to share – that you can review and auto-publish to all the major social platforms. Huge time saver and I’ve seen a boost to my web traffic in just a few weeks.

Websites & Hosting

Web Domains & Domain Management

I collect domains like some women collect shoes. If you have the same entrepreneurial nature, you might consider consolidating all your domains under one manager. For years I bought domains from my host, but then I would switch hosts and still have to maintain logins to route DNS servers… just a bit of a mess. Namecheap is, well, cheap, and also has good customer service & a nice interface for managing domains.

Web Hosting

Web Hosting for WordPress

I’ve tried a ton of webhosts in the last couple decades working as a web designer and webmaster. I moved all of my personal AND client WordPress sites to SiteGround in 2016. I’ve had virtually no downtime, and their customer service is phenomenal. It’s really world’s apart from others the best WordPress hosting I’ve personally used – without destroying your budget.

Divi WordPress Theme

WordPress Themes

I’ve been an Elegant Themes customer since 2011 and after testing quite a few premium themes, I’ve decided Divi is the best WordPress theme. This site uses Divi because it is one of the most versatile and configurable themes or frameworks I’ve ever used that is still very easy for anyone to use. Divi ships with premade layouts or you can build from scratch. And again, their customer service is excellent – which is always worth paying for.

Misc Tools & Deals

Tools 10


When I started traveling full-time with Remote Year, I found myself really getting distracted by social media and FOMO. My productivity tanked for the first month – until I found the Freedom app. Now I lock myself out of social media for a few hours every morning so I can make sure I’m focused on what’s truly important to me. What’s neat is it works across platform and you can be as strict or flexible as you want.

Tools 11

Rhino Reviews

Let Rhino handle the tedious task of review follow-ups and reminders while you focus on running your business. We help generate positive online reviews for you while also capturing valuable feedback from your customers. Turn your best customers into public cheerleaders for your services/product! Grow your reviews and grow your sales.  


  • Positive and genuine online review growth on your social platforms (Google, FB, Yelp)
  • Negative review blocking
  • Completely customizable email content
  • Reviews boost SEO results
  • Compile customer feedback
  • Square Integration
  • Mass customer upload options
  • Live Dashboard Analytics
  • Monthly results report

Here are the easiest ways for customers to connect through my referral. Either call Chelsea directly [240-672-2072] or book a free demo through the site. If you put in the comments “Mention Kate Bagoy for an exclusive 5% off promo!” or some similar text. 


In the screening questions you’ll be asked if you were referred by anyone and you can mention my discount. 

Lastly, the program outline is $399/yr price point, your referrals would receive a 5% discount ($20 off) and you receive 10% of the sale for the referral ($40). The referral is paid to you via PayPal or preferred payment method on the last Wednesday of the month.


Powered by Creative Market

Creative Market

Creative Market is an excellent resources for buying creative assets – I’ve purchased WordPress themes, mockups, fonts, icons, all sorts of stuff – and have even sold a couple of things to make a few bucks. Generally, I’m always really impressed with the quality of the work I’ve found on Creative Market and even bought my first logo here.


Looking for a great collection of fonts for your new brand?  Need graphics for your blog? Stock photos for your sales page? Check out MightyDeals.


For Technical & Business Skills

When I decided I wanted to take my freelance business to the next level, I took a number of courses to improve my coding skills, including learning to build WordPress Themes from scratch (Brad Hussey is my favorite instructor for web classes – highly recommend). I’ve also taken a number of classes related to marketing from experts on Pinterest marketing, Instagram, and even a class with the real Gary Vee.

Featured Partners

Startup Funding & Financial Planning

I’ve spent my career on the product side of the house and can help you start & scale your startup – but you’re going big, you’re gonna need funds to grow – which is where these guys come in.

Tools 12

Thyor Advisory Group

Thyor is a global advisory firm offering services on Financial Analysis, Tax Planning & Compliance, International Tax, Business Strategy, Risk Advisory, Accounting, Valuation, and more.


Tools 13

The Ronin Society

The Ronin Society specializes in 4 key areas of improvement for startups: Scalable Structure, Business Metrics, Financial Forecasts, and Growth Capital.


Tools 14

50+ Tools for Running an Online Business

Get instant access to the complete list of tools for working & running a location independent business.



Unlock the 6-Figure Formula for Attracting Clients on Repeat

How to stop overthinking everything so you can start & scale your business, fast

How to land $5k & $10K clients without a fancy funnel, big brand or influencer status

How to find your ideal clients online (without wasting time trying to be an influencer)

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