Thinking of Starting a Six-Figure Business? Master Your Mindset 1st…

by Feb 6, 2019

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So, you’re interested in starting a six-figure business? One you can run anywhere… where you don’t have to answer to a crazy boss, or sit in mindless meetings or file TPS reports?

You might have landed on this page after searching for ways to start a business, or how to get started freelancing, and you’re probably looking for a bunch of magical tips for making bank.

Look, I’m proof that it’s 100% possible to achieve your dream… and I’ve got a tonne of tips for you here on the blog, BUT, if you really want to start a six-figure business, there is something critical you have to do before anything else.

There is ONE thing that separates high-successful business owners from the broke-ass freelancers, and that difference lays in…

* Drum roll, please *:

The Mindset.

Yes, you read it right.

I am not going to drown you with numbers and administrative tasks to get you started.

Step one is right there in your head.

In fact, learning and mastering that little muscle in between your ears will not only help you start your business, but it will help you have a lot more fun growing your business.

“So Kate, what do business owners do differently than typical freelancers?”  You might ask.

Well… It’s pretty straightforward: let me introduce you to the three major traps that business owners face and the keys to getting your mindset right from the start, so you don’t have to fall and waste precious time.

We are talking about building a business, here.

Give me a B, give me a U, give me an I, an L, a D!

Business Owner Trap No.1: #hustlemode

Broke-ass freelancers and small business owners typically run around shouting about how busy they are. 

“I’m hustling, I’m working my ass off chasing the dream. I’m working 20 hours a day.”

They take pride in the amount of time and energy they spend biding for work on sites like Upwork, Fiverr and whatever freelancing platforms kids are using nowadays.

Sure, you can get to six-figures doing gig work & taking on MORE clients – in fact, I recently saw someone on TikTok post about making $400K on Fiverr – but you will not have any time to enjoy those spoils. You’ll have no life.

This particular person works an average of 70 hours per week – EVERY WEEK – in order to make that money. No vacations. No life.

A) Are you really starting a six-figure business just to be trapped at your home desk instead of a corporate offer?
B) There is a better way. You can make big $$ working LESS than 40 hours per week

Truth is… what these hustlers are actually doing is job hunting over and over again.

Not scaling.

Not building a brand.

Not thinking strategically.

They are working harder, instead of smarter.

Thinking of Starting a Six-Figure Business? Master Your Mindset 1st... 2

Turn that hustle mode off (Sorry, Gary V.) !!

Rather, spend some time aside building your own brand.

That dedicated time will eventually lead to fewer clients, who pay your more, and require less effort.

By setting yourself apart, clients will come to you as the expert that you are. And your marketing will resonate & stick, so you get better results with less effort.

Business Owner Trap no.2: Selling Your Skills

Freelancers tend to sell their skills, because that’s what we’re taught when building a resume or a profile.

But Business Owners take it one step further by thinking strategically…

Because from clients’ perspective, skills don’t speak as clearly as solutions do.

Which problems are they dealing with and how do we offer to solve them?

What do you think appeals more to clients:

I can build brochures and create logos”?


“I can make you look more professional and get participants to attend your events

Flip that switch and you’ll get one step closer to that success-leading Business Owner mindset.

Business Owner Trap No.3: Letting Emotions Control You  

Managing your emotions and your business go hand and hand.

As a business owner, you cannot be a slave to your emotions anymore – fear in particular!

This is something that I’ve struggled with, and I still see it all the time with my clients.

The “I’m having a rough day” or “My boyfriend broke up with me”  are NOT valid excuses to put your business activities aside for a moment.

To be successful in starting a six-figure business, you have to learn to keep your personal feelings in a separate drawer.

I myself am a survivor of abuse and a recovered alcoholic – I understand first hand the anxiety and overwhelm that comes from trauma, low-self-esteem and doubt.

But I am living proof that your past DOES NOT equal your future. I’ve moved forward and transformed my history into an amazing freaking life – YOU CAN TOO.

I once heard Tony Robbins say:

“There is a part of you that might be hurt and that part of you might always be hurt, but that part of you does not get to run your business.


One way to compartmentalize your emotions would be to write down specific examples where perhaps fear, perfectionism, overwhelm or feelings of not being good enough held you back from building the business and the life that you love.

Keep in mind that good business owners are always taking inventory – even emotionally!

By knowing where you are, and what you have on-hand, you can start to predict where you’re going.

And with that list at hand, you will start paying attention to those emotions moving forward.

And you can create an Alter Ego to deal with the emotions that hold you back.

For instance, “Little Kate” can get emotional when the time comes, while “Big Kate” takes care of the boss stuff.

Seems a little goofy I know… But it works, trust me!

If you’re serious about starting a six-figure business you can run anywhere, say “Hell YES!” to yourself and grabmy book, Secrets of a Six Figure Freelancer now.

Not only will I help you make the mindset switch from broke-ass freelancer to abundant business owner, but I’ll give you the actual steps for starting a six-figure business and growing into the #selfmade boss you dream of being.

Thinking of Starting a Six-Figure Business? Master Your Mindset 1st... 3

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