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Ready to Go From Sidehustle to CEO?

Whether you’re scatterbrained & overwhelmed, or calmer than a yoga mom on Xanex, I’ll help you start & scale your business fast – without losing your mind.

Hey There, Entrepreneur!

I bet you’re freaking out right about now, aren’t ya?

You didn’t exactly *plan* to be an entrepreneur.

It just sort of happened…

There you were, sitting around being awesome when

-> *WHAM!* <-

the desire to work for yourself hit you, or some amazing idea popped into your head, and you just couldn’t shake it (no matter *how* hard your procrastinated or tried to avoid it).

So, now you’re an entrepreneur…

And some days, you’re like, “I’VE TOTALLY GOT THIS!”

Things are flowing, you’re gonna be a Capital B Billionaire on the cover of Forbes magazine.

Other days, you forget to feed yourself, notice your shirt is on inside out & you waste HOURS organizing your todo list or diggin’ through Gmail for that thread you should have responded to two weeks ago…

Some days you’re sure you’re changing the world.

Other days, you’re wondering if you’ve made the biggest mistake of your life.

Ahhh… entrepreneur life. Isn’t it grand?

Lucky for you, my super powers include guiding you scaling your business, without losing your mind.

Kate is a phenomenal coach and cheerleader. She is constantly encouraging me to dream bigger about my business, which I launched a year earlier than expected in huge part due to her encouragement. She helps keep me motivated and on task when I have doubts about my ability to keep moving forward. I would not be where I am today with my business without Kate’s guidance.

Christina Thelin

Online Retailer

I want to say a special thank you for all you did for me in the last 6 months. It has been truly life changing. I went from shy, scared and unfocused to productive, confident and hitting my first $5k month. My clarity skyrocketed and my business and my life has changed forever. Thank you for being an amazing coach, pushing me through all my mindset blocks and getting me to explore the potential you knew I always had. I really appreciate it.

Belema Ronabere

Digital Strategist

In a one hour meeting with Kate, I went from feeling like I had NO idea how to start my business to having a fully laid out plan, and more importantly, full confidence in myself that I could do it. She helped me set real, attainable goals and come up with ways to achieve them far sooner than I could have hoped. She made me feel empowered, which was the most important first step for me to get started. I would recommend Kate to any and everyone.

Zoe Weiner

Online Community Founder

Online Business Coaching [2019 - TBA] 2

Your Personal Business Coach & Consultant

Since 2008, I’ve helped entrepreneurs build companies as a ux designer, marketer, product manager, strategist & advisor.

Having worked with more than 50 startups & small businesses, two things stand out as key factors in entrepreneurial success: mindset & marketing.

Lasting businesses are helmed by tenacious founders who learned to master their marketing and their mindset – particularly setting clear goals & ruthlessly prioritizing the 20% of activities that generate 80% of results.

My super power is helping you get clear & focused on your 20%.

Online Business Coaching [2019 - TBA] 3

Let's Write YOUR Success Story Together

Oh, You’re a Details Person, Huh?

You want to know how it works and what I can help you with specifically?

Okay, here you go.

First, you’ll get a custom coaching package tailored to you.

That’s typically bi-weekly 30-minute consulting & coaching sessions for 6 or 12 months, accountability “homework” and my personal phone number. 

As for what I can help you with, we’ll do some mindset work to keep you sane during the intense personal growth that comes with entrepreneurship. And we’ll consult on your top priorities for the current week.

After earning my MBA and spending 10 years working with startups, I’ve had my hand in nearly every area of business.

Marketing? Check.

Product Management? Check.

Design? Check.

Development? Check

Social Media? Check.

Public Relations? Check.

Growth Hacking? Check.

Funnel Building? Check.

Lead generation? Check.

Hiring? Check.

Outsourcing? Check.

Training? Check.

Direct Sales? Check.

Branding? Hiring? Going Online? Training?

Check. Check. Check. Check.

Fundraising & Finances?

I’ve got partners to help you with that (Hey, no one’s perfect).

The point is, I can help you identify 100 ways to grow your business, and motivate you to try them all.

I can help you analyze and improve your outcomes, guide you through who you need to hire, help you fix the website you broke and tell you what to do next.

Basically, I’m like Google for new entrepreneurs.

Except with mad motivational skills.

Plus an attitude, a somewhat dirty mouth and a lot more respect for your privacy.

When you work with me as a personal coach, you’ll have FUN and feel confident…

So what’re you still doing reading all of this text?

I mostly just wrote it for SEO. And to see how many people would actually get here.

Are you ready to stop overthinking everything?

Are you ready to stop doing everything the hard way?

Click the damn button, enter your details and let’s go. 😉

Enough already.

Let’s get to work.


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