How to Make Money in Addition to Your 9-to-5

by Jan 5, 2022

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For decades, having a 9-5 full-time job has been touted as a reliable way to make money. Few people today have the luxury of limiting their money-making efforts to a single full-time job though. Inflation never seems to stop, and getting ahead always seems to require more effort. So what can you do to earn more money outside of your 9-5 job?

Become a Freelancer

Do you have any specific skills? If so, you could leverage those to become a freelancer. A freelancer is an independent contractor. They earn money on a per-task basis. As a freelancer, you can negotiate your pay rate more easily than you could as an employee. To become a freelancer, start by finding a freelancing website that you can use to find work. Build your profile and portfolio. Once you know what to charge for your services, start looking for clients. Cultivate client relationships to increase your odds of a steady income and overall success.

Use a Side Hustle App

There are apps for just about everything these days, including side hustles. Rideshare services are among the most popular and most common options. Consider the ubiquitous Uber and Lyft rideshare services. Plenty of people find this route to be a great way to make money in their spare time. There are a few things to keep in mind if you pursue this route though. Using your personal vehicle can mean you have to take steps to clean the seats of your car more frequently. You’ll also likely have to make changes to your car insurance to make sure you’re adequately covered.

Run Errands for Others

Giving people rides isn’t the only way to earn money by doing an everyday task for other people. You can make money by doing errands for them too. Become an Instacart shopper or run deliveries through DoorDash, UberEats, or PostMates. Check out too. Lots of people request help for all sorts of things on this site, from housekeeping to tutoring. TaskRabbit is another similar platform you could use to find work doing random jobs in your local area.

If the money you earn at your 9-5 job just isn’t cutting it anymore, there are plenty of ways to make additional money. Many options allow you to become your own boss and set your own hours. In time, you may find that you can turn what used to be a side gig into a business of your own that will make you more money than your 9-5 ever did.

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