When I initially started this blog I wanted to inspire others to travel by sharing my experiences through photography. Particularly, I wanted to encourage other women to travel solo. I felt inspired and started strong, even taking a class on building a successful travel blog – I had visions of myself living off photography commissions and affiliate revenue and. But that fizzled out pretty quickly.

My excuse has been that I was focusing on my career, and moving and making new friends. But if I’m honest, the real reasons I stopped posting are fear, procrastination, perfectionism, self-doubt, and a lack of intention; but mostly, I stopped listening to my heart and I continue to limit myself by hiding my gifts.

How can I inspire others if I’m afraid of really sharing myself?

We all do it right? We all have knowledge, skills and experiences that are unique to us. Valuable gifts. Some of us are better at sharing those gifts than others. As a kid, I was bullied and abused, and I learned to hide… The mentality is that if you don’t stand out, people will forget you are there and leave you alone. And that works well for an awkward kid that doesn’t want to be teased anymore. But as an adult, it’s limiting, and it’s preventing me from living a life of purpose. And I’m so over it.

I’m tired of focusing on things that don’t matter instead of doing the things that scare me. I’m tired of worrying about the design of my site rather than taking the time to share my truth. Design is easy for me. Writing, allowing myself to be fully seen, sharing my deepest secrets, being vulnerable? These are the things that scare the sh*t out of me.

But it’s the only way I know to connect with you, to encourage you to follow your heart, to design the life you’ve always wanted. And, if my mission is to inspire my fellow women to create joyful lives, I have to start living mine aloud.

So, life is about to get weird and uncomfortable up in here. I’ve joined Remote Year, and everything about life as I know is about to change – again. Not just my location, but I find myself yet again re-evaluating everything as I listen to the universe and my heart. The universe is telling me it’s time to stop hiding and let myself be seen. God keeps telling me it’s time to let go of what no longer serves me. My heart tells me that it’s time to let her take the lead and do something big.

My head tells me I should just keep designing awesome stuff and start planning for retirement. Screw that, head – you don’t know what’s best for me. I choose heart. Instead of continuing to try to think my way into the life I’m meant to lead, I’m doing things differently. I’m taking on mentors – attending a Tony Robbins seminar and joining Mastin Kipp’s Proser Workshop – finally asking for help, and trusting I’m on the right path.

I anticipate big risks, learning through failure and times of intense fear and struggle. But this is my pledge:

I will do my best to inspire other women to live a joyful life, by following my heart and leading my own best life.

Will you join me in taking this pledge?


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