Scale from Scatterbrained Solopreneur to Confident CEO

Get Clear. Get Focused. Get Results.

Hey There, New Entrepreneur

I bet you’re freaking out right about now, aren’t ya?

You didn’t exactly *plan* to be an entrepreneur.

It just sort of happened…

There you were, sitting around being awesome when

-> *WHAM!* <-

…some amazing idea popped into your head, or landed in your lap… and you just can’t shake it (no matter *how* hard your procrastinate or try to avoid it).

So, now you’re an entrepreneur…

And some days, you’re like, “I’VE TOTALLY GOT THIS!”

Things are flowing, you’re gonna be a Capital B Billionaire on the cover of Forbes magazine.

Other days, you forget to feed yourself, notice your shirt is on inside out & you waste HOURS organizing your todo list or diggin’ through Gmail for that thread you should have responded to two weeks ago but forgot about and now you’ve lost the biggest deal of your life.

Some days you’re sure you’re changing the world.

Other days, you learn the HUGE client you were counting on has bailed on the contract. This is usually the day AFTER you’ve made your biggest investment yet, and about the time you start wondering if you’ve made the biggest mistake of your life.

Ahhh… startup life. Isn’t it grand?

Lucky for you, my super powers include guiding you through starting, scaling and 10X’ing your business, without losing your mind.

Your Personal Business Coach & Consultant

Since 2008, I’ve helped entrepreneurs build companies.

Having worked with more than 50 startups & dozens of small businesses as a designer, marketer, product manager, strategist & advisor, I’ve learned a thing or two about starting up – and if I don’t have an answer for you, I know someone who will.

I’ll consult with you weekly on brand, business, design, product or marketing strategy, and help you stay focused on what you need to do next to grow your business – whether you’re getting to your first 6-figures or ready to scale to 7.

Your Private Coaching Program

Equal parts strategy and accountability, with a sprinkle of mindset and a whole lotta cheerleading, my programs help you grow as a founder, hold you accountable to doing the hard things and ensure you stop wasting time on stupid stuff (you know what you’ve been doing).

Each week we’ll brainstorm problems & solutions, set your goals and you’ll commit to completing 3 high-value tasks before we meet again.

The result?

You feel confident & focused.

Like, practically all the time.

And you’ll stop missing sleep, quit worrying all night about things you can’t control and spend a heck of a lot more time in your zone of genius.

In fact, my superpower is helping you get clear & focused on the 20% of activities that will generate 80% of your results.

There Are A Million Ways to Grow A Business

I’ll help you identify the best and fastest ways for you to grow, and motivate you to take action. In addition to accountability and mindset coaching, I consult with you as needed to help you start, grow or scale your business effectively. Here are just a few of the things I can help you with:

Business Strategy

Create a business, growth or monetization plan for your new business.

Marketing Strategy

Identify your target audience, refine your messaging & build a GTM plan.

Design Strategy

Define and design your MVP, website & marketing funnels.

Funnel Strategy

Plan and build a sales and marketing funnel for your info product, consulting service or online business.

Brand Strategy

Develop a brand, refine your messaging and plan your execution.

Lifestyle Strategy

Get clear on what you want in life and how to start a business that will support you.

Book Your No-Obligation Consultation Today!

To get started, answer these 7 easy questions so I can get to know you a bit better, and you’ll be directed to form where you can book a no-hassle, hustle-free virtual coffee with me. No sleazy sales tactics or guilt ridden pitches here – we’ll just talk about your life and business goals and whether my coaching programs might work for you.

Oh, You’re a Details Person, Huh?

You want to know what I can help you with specifically?

Okay, here you go.

First, you’ll get a custom coaching package tailored to you.

That’s typically weekly 30-minute consulting & coaching sessions for 12 weeks, some design support, accountability homework and my personal phone number. Private coaching packages start at $3,000 depending on the amount of support you need. Group programs are available too, if you’re bootstrappin.’

As for what I can help you with, we’ll do some mindset work to keep you sane during the intense personal growth that comes with entrepreneurship. And we’ll consult on your top priorities for the current week.

After earning my MBA and spending 10 years working with startups, I’ve had my hand in nearly every area of business.

Marketing? Check.

Product Management? Check.

Design? Check.

Development? Check

Social Media? Check.

Public Relations? Check.

Growth Hacking? Check.

Funnel Building? Check.

Lead generation? Check.

Hiring? Check.

Outsourcing? Check.

Training? Check.

Direct Sales? Check.

Branding? Hiring? Going Online? Training?

Check. Check. Check. Check.

Fundraising & Finances?

I’ve got partners to help you with that (Hey, no one’s perfect).

The point is, I can help you identify 100 ways to grow your business, and motivate you to try them all.

I can help you analyze and improve your outcomes, guide you through who you need to hire, help you fix the website you broke and tell you what to do next.

Basically, I’m like Google for new entrepreneurs.

Except with mad motivational skills.

Plus an attitude, a somewhat dirty mouth and a lot more respect for your privacy.

When you work with me as a personal coach, you’ll have FUN and feel confident…

So what’re you still doing reading all of this text?

I mostly just wrote it for SEO. And to see how many people would actually get here.

Are you ready to stop overthinking everything?

Are you ready to stop doing everything the hard way?

Click the damn button, enter your details and let’s go. 😉

Enough already.

Let’s get to work.

Ready to 10X Your Business?

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