Tap Into Your Inner GPS & Go From Burnout to Brilliant

Ready to kick that cubicle? Let’s create your corporate escape plan.

Hi, I’m Kate.

I guess you could call me a quitter, just like you.

I quit my first dream job without a plan in 2008.

Then again in 2011 and 2016. Twice.

I quit drinking in 2012.

I quit watching the news in 2014.

I quit giving too many fucks & quit living a “normal” life in 2017.

The point is… I’ve been where you are, and I’m still standing, stronger than ever.

I know underneath that killer smile and fashionable outfit, you’re really scared sh*tless and not having a plan feels like suicide to a control freak like you.

Relax, I’ve got you.

If you don’t have a vision and plan for your new life (or business) within 2 sessions, my services are free*

* I’ve yet to need to make good on that promise, but here is the fine print: if you purchase a coaching package from me and are unsatisfied with your progress in any way, I’ll refund 100% of your money as long as you cancel before our 3rd session.

You put on a great face, but you’re dying inside.

It’s okay.

You tell yourself you don’t know what else to do… you’re not sure what’s next.

But deep down you DO know – you just need a little help tapping into your internal GPS.

You see… you’ve gotten used to ignoring that little voice in your heart.

Used to hiding your feelings, putting on a brave face and getting shit done like a boss.

It’s part of why you’re so damn effective at work.

And you’ve gotten great at telling yourself you’re CRAZY to think about leaving such a great paying job.

That’s it NUTS to start a business or find a career you actually like.

You’re good at reminding yourself of all the reasons it won’t work or you shouldn’t try.

But you’re more afraid you’ll reach the end of a life half-lived… You know there is more for you.

I’ll help you figure out what you really want, make a plan & hold you accountable to taking action until you get what you want.

Your Private Coaching Program

Our first couple of sessions will be focused on tapping into your internal GPS and figuring out what you really want to do with your life.

Not what your mom wants you to do, not what you think you should want to do, not what your friends tell you should do.

No more “shoulds,” sugar. It’s time to identify your MUSTS.

We’re gonna look for what your soul wants. What lights you up.

Once we get clear on what you want, we’ll identify what needs to be done, and make a plan.

Then each week, we’ll meet to work through challenges that come up, and you’ll leave focused & committed to taking action.

I don’t do one-size-fits-all coaching.

There are millions of ways to live your life – I’ll help you identify what you want, what needs to change and help motivate you to take action.

I’ll be your biggest cheerleader, AND the kick in the pants you need.

And I’ll make sure you’re not staying stuck because you’re scared.

Change is hard for everyone. You don’t have to do it alone.

Book Your Free Consultation Today

You’re Still Here?

Let me guess… you’re wondering how much this kind of support & clarity will cost, right?

I know, it’s hard to justify investing in yourself & your dreams.

But can you really afford to keep eating, drinking or shopping away your feelings?

Can you stand another 10 years of endless meetings, microwave meals eaten at your desk and that growing self-loathing?

Aren’t you tired of never having enough energy after work to do anything but Netflix?

What’s the point of saving up for a vacation when you know you’ll never enjoy it?

Besides, you can work with me for as little as $200/week.

That’s less than you spend on massages to relieve chronic stress.

Are you ready to make a big change?

When you work with me, you will:

Feel Free

Tired of feeling like a slave to your life & job? I’ll help you see you have the power to create your life.

Know What To Do Next

Gone are the endless sleepless night of “WTF am I gonna do with my life.” You’ll just know.

Feel Confident & Worthy

Yes, you DO have what it takes to change your life & enjoy the heck out of it. I’m here to help.


Be Held Accountable

No more excuses about why your life sucks. From here out, you’ll have someone to call you on your BS.

Ready to 10X Your Business?

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