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9 Signs You’re Burnt Out – I Talk to Mental Floss

It may come after six months or six years, but there’s a moment in every job when you realize you’ve reached your limit. Whether it’s due to burnout, boredom, or a generally bad fit, you’ll eventually get to a point where you’ve simply been doing the same thing for too long and find yourself unhappy and unfulfilled. It’s not always easy to recognize, but it’s important to act on that “Aha!” moment when it hits so that you don’t waste any more time in a stagnating career. So how do you know you’ve been in a job too long?

Life & business on the road with

In the first Pairs Well With… videocast from Lisbon, Portugal, I sat down for a chat with the amazing Carin to talk all things nomadic, including what it’s like to build a business on the road, how to break your own boundaries, what it feels like to take a chance on yourself, and how we’ve become Macgyver-esqu in our laundry skills since departing the US in January.

Productivity Tips for Entrepreneurs

If you ever worked with me you know I’m a little obsessed with time saving, productivity + ease of use.
It’s one of the traits that made me an exceptional UX designer, and really helped when I started freelancing full-time. I’ve tried every productivity or time management method – GTD, Pomodoro, the Eisenhower Principle, the Action Method, Inbox Zero…

Shut up & help someone to change your mindset fast

Stop focusing on yourself and help someone else. This was one of the most valuable pieces of advice I’ve ever received.
I know you’re overwhelmed with a million & fourteen things to do. I know your task manager is where great ideas go to die. I know you don’t know what you’re doing and you’ll never feel good enough.

I’ve been homeless for seven-months and life is good, mostly.

Okay, okay, technically I still have a home. There just happens to be a stranger from Texas living in it and I’ve been roaming with nothing but what I can carry for over seven months now. What a journey!
This story started in December after a rushed move and complete mental breakdown in a Jacksonville, Florida REI parking lot. Between all of the feels, low blood sugar, dog bites, rabies shots, sewage water in the mouth and many other misadventures, that was not the last day that ended in tears.

Following Your Heart and My Pledge to You

When I initially started this blog I wanted to inspire others to travel by sharing my experiences through photography. Particularly, I wanted to encourage other women to travel solo. I felt inspired and started strong, even taking a class on building a successful...

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