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by Mar 4, 2020Business & Marketing Tips

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As a small business owner, you might think your LinkedIn profile is complete with a decent heading, about me and a blooming list of connections. However, are you truly taking advantage of everything LinkedIn has to offer?

Rather than perusing through the Craigslist job board in your city – search and browse LinkedIn’s groups. There are groups for different industries, professional associations, alma matters and more. If for some reason there isn’t a group for what you’re working on, you can always create one! 

I advise that before you join and start posting in any of these groups that you, at minimum, have a profile picture and your headline and about me filled. This’ll help you get accepted as well as help people interact with you.

Leveraging groups is a super helpful way of not only growing your network but offers opportunities to immerse yourself within your industry of choice and create content you’re proud of. Make sure to post valuable information and pay it forward to your fellow freelancers and small business owners. Don’t simply focus on “me, me, me!”, when you offer something of value to others, they’ll be more willing to help you out in return.

To get you started I’ve compiled a list of some LinkedIn groups dedicated to connecting freelancers and helping them scale their business’.

Freelance web designers – 

This community was created for Web designers/developer/graphics designers only. Here you can share your knowledge with other developers/designers, ask questions pertaining to various issues you come across or vent about anything business related causing stress.

Here you can discuss and solve your troubling woes regarding the development of your projects at any stage or phase of it’s progress.

If you are looking for freelance projects, you can find them here. Business people can also post their requirements for projects here. 

Within this LinkedIn group you can build on your thoughts, grow on ideas and meet people of the same interest. 

Freelance writers – 

This is a group for networking within the freelance writing community. This applies to all fiction writers, journalists, copywriters, editorialists, ghost-writers etc. 

This group is about networking and exchanging resources and ideas. Show your expertise by your commentary and not by self promotion, you’re a writer after all – show them what you can do!

If you start a discussion with an attachment or blog, then please do so in an appropriate manner so members do not have to assume what it is you are discussing.  Try using a concise, related and catchy title if possible if you expect to grab attention – Then use the comments box to briefly explain the nature of your post and its BENEFITS to members or a question you may have.

This helps keep things clear.

By posting accordingly to the rules you accomplish two things: Provide an opportunity and courtesy to the members should they want to read it or simply ignore it. Secondly you will be using a marketing technique – should you follow the rules, to attract readership. This is a great way to increase your reach on LinkedIn. 

Freelance graphic designers – 

Freelance Graphic Designers is the “World’s Best Marketplace for Creative Talent”. This Community includes portfolios and detailed work profiles of Graphic Designers, Web Designers, Illustrators, Logo Designer, Art Directors, Flash Animators, Industrial Designers, Advertising Agencies, Copywriters, Photographer and Interactive Artists.

Uniting designers and creatives from around the world, this group manages to craft an environment that can help nurture you during your journey of building a freelance business. You can get feedback on your portfolio or advice on how to deal with a specific issue. This is a must if you do any kind of illustration or design.

Flexjobs – 

FlexJobs is a group dedicated to helping people find the best fitting jobs. From Part-time to full-time, freelance to employee, remote to on-site… work flexibility can help support you in achieving better work-life balance, more time for your family and friends, a healthier lifestyle, and more. 

In this group you can expect to find career advice and resources for job seekers who are interested in work flexibility and remote work. Useful for sharing ideas and inspirations around flexible work, job search, career advice, and work-life balance. 

Get feedback on your resume and portfolio, discuss frequently asked interview questions and make connections that’ll help you kickstart your next career. 

Advertising freelance – 

Advertising Freelance is a group for consultants who work in the field of communications and advertising. Digital, Production, Creative, Account, Strategy, Media – really anything that has to do with the world of freelance is here. Join on a project to project basis or help one another individually find new opportunities.

The group is founded by Kevin Amter the author of “Minds For Rent” written specifically for creatives learning how to freelance. There’s some great content in his book.

Freelance professionals – 

Freelance professionals is a much larger group for freelancing and small business. Its members range from I.T, 3D Modellers, Animators, Art Directors and Copywriters to Editors, Proofreaders, Interior Designers, Marketers, Photographers and Programmers.

There’s a plethora of content to digest here, and the content is divided by channels so you’re bound to find what you’re looking for. The same rules that apply to prior groups apply to this one – Don’t self promote, instead offer great content that will foster solid relationships and help establish you as a figure head within your industry.

Freelance writing moms – 

This group is a bit niche, but it’s no secret that freelancing offers you the luxury of setting your own schedule to work in any location. Stay at home moms tend to lean towards being independent freelancers and small business owners since it allows them the time they require. 

This is a group for moms who are also freelance writers. Use it to network, share leads, call for experts, or just ask for a little commiseration now and again. If you’re a freelance writing mommy, join up and become a part of this thriving community.

Self Employed Leadership Group: The Group For Small Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and Professionals – 

If you are self employed, or are on the road to being your own boss, yet you sometimes feel isolated or just like to keep up with business trends and info, this group is for you. Gain support, understanding and business growth insights with other like minded business owners. Posting your business articles, thoughts and ideas is encouraged, as is commenting on other posts.

The road to six figures is a tough and lonely road, encourage yourself by supplementing your environment with people that have similar goals!

Writing on linkedin – 

A group for discussing, learning, and sharing best practices for creating content on LinkedIn.

Social media algorithms change all the time. What worked on Facebook in 2017 doesn’t work as well now, stay up to date on how to most effectively amass an audience on this platform by discussing tactics with others in this group!

Independent contractor compliance and engagement  

Created in 2010, Independent Contractor Compliance & Engagement is the “premiere group to share information, opportunities, resources, and services that will help grow engagement of independent contractors, freelancers, solopreneurs, and consultants (1099s) in the US corporate workforce.”

That mouthful of information basically entails this group to serve any and every need you may come across on your path to six figures. Much like the other groups, you’d do well to make sure you post regularly and engage within. 

All these groups can be leveraged together and honestly should be, as you never know where you’ll find the resource, aid or connection needed to advance yourself ahead of competition. 

What did you think of the list? Will you now take massive action and start to network? 

I’d like to hear from you, let me know your thoughts!

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