Business Coaching Application
Whether you just want to work from home in your PJ's or you're ready to build an empire, I can help you start your small business, reach $100K+ faster – and stay sane while you do it.
Get clear. Get confident. Get profitable.
Are you trapped in a corporate job, dying to run your own business but unsure how to start?

Are you overwhelmed with ideas on how to  grow your small business?

Are you great at WHAT you do, but have no idea HOW to sell it?

Is it time to work with a professional who can help you master your mindsetbuild a business planmap out your marketing and get results?

Cool. ‘Cause that’s me.

I’ll be your biggest cheerleader, your business mentor AND the kick in the pants you need to build the life & business you desire.

Tell me a bit about you & I'll send you more info and an invitation to book a consultation if we go together like peas & carrots.
Real Clients. Real Results.
On average, my clients go from concept to launch in 10-weeks, leave their day jobs within 6-months and earn $70,000 or more their first year.
"I went from feeling like I had NO idea how to start my business to having a fully laid out plan, and more importantly, full confidence in myself that I could do it.

She helped me set real, attainable goals and come up with ways to achieve them far sooner than I could have hoped. She made me feel empowered, which was the most important first step for me to get started.

​​​​​​​I would recommend Kate to any and everyone."
Zoe W.
Founder, The Well Wanderer
"Kate is a phenomenal coach and cheerleader. She is constantly encouraging me to dream bigger about my business, which I launched a year earlier than expected in huge part due to her encouragement.

She helps keep me motivated and on task when I have doubts about my ability to keep moving forward.

I would not be where I am today with my business without Kate’s guidance."

Christina T.
Founder, Ina + Ilia
Over 10 years experience helping entrepreneurs like you start and scale.

An award-winning startup designer & marketer by trade, I’ve helped start and grow more than 60 businesses during my career and have started 2 profitable businesses of my own.

Equal parts strategy and accountability, with a sprinkle of mindset and a whole lotta cheerleading, my coaching programs are designed for service-based small business owners, online entrepreneurs and early-stage startup founders.

My #1 goal is helping you achieve yours.

Kate Bagoy
Founder, CEO
Frequently Asked Questions
Are you a certified coach?
No. I have an MBA in Marketing and more than a decade of experience working with early-stage startups - my programs revolve around proven business and marketing strategy.

I've also started two small businesses of my own and grown them to 6-figures within 14-months, have been a mentor for multiple business accelerators, studied under some of the top coaches in the world (including Tony Robbins & Mastin Kipp) and read an average of 40 personal development and business books per year (so you don't have to).
What kind of businesses / entrepreneurs do you work with?
I specialize in working with growth-oriented corporate burnouts - individuals who have climbed the corporate ladder or served time in the cube and are ready to create a more fulfilling life and more rewarding career.

In my private coaching programs I work with many types of entrepreneurs -  from bloggers to dentists to designers and aspiring startup founders with killer ideas & no idea where to start. If you need help with online marketing strategy, building a brand, accountability, focus, clarity or planning your business, I can likely help you.

​​​​​​​My online programs are specialized for creative or "idea" people who want to grow service-based businesses they can run from home in their PJ's: think freelancers, agency founders, designers, copywriters, event planners, marketers, coaches, consultants.
Do you do single coaching sessions?
Not anymore - it's far more rewarding for me to build a relationship with you and help you take consistent, focused action that gets you the results you want. I am, however, available for short consults on Common Genius, if you simply have a simple technical or marketing question you want help with.
What is a typical coaching session like?
Every client & every session is different, but we always start by going over everything running through that big-ol' brain of yours, and we always end-up with a list of at least 3 tasks you commit to completing before our next session. In the middle, we might brainstorm together, problem solve specific challenges, review your marketing materials or business plan, discuss mindset blocks, come up with strategies for ending procrastination or managing time - or any number of other things.
How much does business coaching cost?

Business coaching is a significant financial investment that will pay-off for many years to come. My coaching programs require a minimum investment of $2000 and a variety of payment plans are available to fit growing business budgets. 

How do I know I'll be successful in business?
I believe anyone can be a successful business owner with the right mindset and the right strategy. Lucky for you, I can help you with both.