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Quit your soul-sucking corporate career and replace your salary by doing what you love in just 90-days. 

Personalized, one-on-one business coaching for designers, illustrators, artists, writers, photographers, marketers, videographers & other aspiring creative consultants or freelancers. 

Only 9 spots available - reserve yours today!

Customized business mentorship for creatives. 

Because you’re not a consultant… you’re a frickin’ creative C-E-O.

Our strategy sessions will get you clear and focused on your new business and long-term wealth strategy, help you create a six-figure business plan, and set clear, actionable goals for launching your business and quitting your corporate job.

Our weekly coaching calls hold you accountable and keep you committed to creating the results you desire - both in business & your personal life. 

This program is for you if you:  

  • You want to work for yourself sooooooo much, but you like your lifestyle even more and fear giving up your paycheck
  • You know in your heart you're not meant to be an employee but aren't sure how to start your own business
  • You're done defining success via a traditional career path but you don't feel confident in getting started
  • You don't want to choose between creatng wealth AND feeling fulfilled or expressing your unique creative gifts
  • You want proven strategies & trusted advice for accelerated business growth without working 60-hours a week
  • You desire a life rich in experiences and travel and are willing to do the work to make it a reality instead of a dream
  • You wish you had an MBA, or trusted business advisor, to tell you exctly what to do next to create a thriving business
  • You want to run a profitable & sustainable business that doesn't require working insane hours, giving up your creativity or selling your soul.

Click above to apply for a spot in the program and book a no-obligation consulation.

People who will benefit most from this program:

  • Marketers, Brand Managers, Creative Directors, Art Directors
  • UX designers, UX Strategists
  • Communications Managers, Marcom Managers, & Strategists
  • Design Strategists, Design Researchers, Design Specialists 
  • Animators, CAD Artists & Drafters
  • Artists & Illustrators
  • Novelists, memoir or fiction authors
  • Copywriters, Technical Writers, Content Specialists, Comms Specialists
  • Social Media Specialists & Strategists  
  • Web Designers, Graphic Designers, Brand Designers, Interactive Designers
  • Event Managers & Planners
  • Architectural Designers, Landscape Designers, Interior Designers
  • Set Designers, Costume Designers
  • Painters, Sculptors & other Fine Artists
  • Photographers & Videographers

This program is geared to creative professionals but can easily be modified for any coaching or consulting field. Unsure? Book a free consultation.

"I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted (I had several ideas but no idea where to begin) but I knew that I was capable of more than my previous career. With Kate’s expertise, guidance, and support I am proud to say I've launched my own business!"

Jesse Courtney, Writer, Speaker & Coach

"Kate is exactly the kick in the pants I needed to stop dreaming and start doing. She gets to the bottom of things and has great ideas, each time we speak I leave more confident and excited, would definitely recommend!!"

Tara Whelan, Architectural Designer

"Kate is a phenomenal business coach and cheerleader. She is constantly encouraging me to dream bigger about my business, which I launched a year earlier than expected in huge part due to her encouragement."

Christina Thelin, Brand Conultant & Retailer 


Get the one-on-one support you need to create a thriving business. Click below to apply and book a free consultation.

Why Kate Bagoy?

The trusted business advisor you need, the friend you want.

Hi, I’m Kate Bagoy.  

I’m a startup expert, award-winning consultant and life & business coach for new and aspiring entrepreneurs.  

I landed my dream job at a Fortune 500 company right out of college, but quit after becoming so burnt out that my most meaningful relationships were with Netflix and Vodka. 

After failing my first attempt at business ownership and earning my MBA, I moved to Silicon Valley to manage product design and marketing for a mobile startup. The valley wasn’t a fit, but I caught the startup bug and have been working with entrepreneurs ever since!  

I’ve worked with more than 50 startups as a designer, marketer, product manager, strategist, analyst and advisor. I’m a graduate of the Portland Seed Fund, served as a mentor at multiple accelerators and educational programs including Washington State University’s MAP program and Georgia Tech’s ATDC Bootcamp and lead projects for several Fortune 500 companies, including Nike, Ricoh, HP, Apple, BP and Microsoft. I hold a BFA in Graphic Design and a masters in Marketing and International Business.  

In 2015, I quit my last job and built a six-figure consulting business working part-time from my living room. In 2017, I left the US to travel full-time with Remote Year and am currently living my dream in London.

As a life and business coach, I apply the same strategies I've used in 15 years of business and startup mentorship, plus a whole lot of life experience, to help you ditch those golden handcuffs, reclaim your life and creativity, start a business + #workanywhere – wether you’re ready to build a million-dollar company or just want to run a home-based business.  

My personal mission is to inspire and empower people to lead lives by design, not default, and to assist in the creation of 1000 women-run companies.  

Your Three Month Customized Coaching Program

Customized Goal Setting and Business Strategy

Our first session together is a 45-minute vision and goal-setting meeting, in which we work through what's really important to you in your life, and determine what needs and values drive your sucess and desire to own your own business so we can create your customized business coaching plan.

You'll then do a little homework to create your life and business goals, including committing to a corporate quit date if applicable, before our 90-minute strategy session. In this session we'll hammer out a business map, create a launch strategy for your business and outline the most important areas for you to focus on over the next 30-days.

Weekly Success Coaching Calls 

Businesses rarely fail due to lack of experience, qualifications, good products or good ideas. The main reasons small businesses fail is because they lack the proper strategy and client focus OR because the founders focus on the wrong tasks at the wrong time, doing too much and burning out or not doing enough and losing momentum.

Each week you'll commit to completing three tasks related to actualizing your new business strategy. Your coaching call will help you determine which tasks to prioritize, how to break projects down into reasonably size tasks, help you clear any mental blocks to completion - such as procrastination, fear, avoidance, perfectionism or overwhelm - and keep you committed and accountable.

Business Advice + Support When You Need It

Starting a business can be overwhelming and confusing, and entreprenuership is known for sometimes being chaotic. 

To help you stay true and on-track to fulfilling your business vision, you'll be able to submit unlimited questions to me via email or Voxer (a walkie-talkie type app) on weekdays, essentially having a business advisor in your pocket. 

Not sure which task to complete? Need a second set of eyes on your new webpage? Have a problem but unsure what to Google? Want advice on wordpress plugins? Need a virtual hug or slap in the face? I've got your back.

Access to all current & future online programs

When you signup, you'll also get access to any of my trainings (past or future), as well as custom programs and worksheets developed for you. You'll get early access to new training, events and retreat opportunities, including a collaborative Marketing Bootcamp for Women in The Cotswolds, England – Spring 2018.

What are you waiting for? Stop settling for the same thing everyday and take action now.

Simple Money-Back Guarantee: Try Risk-Free for 14-Days

Your success and satisfaction is personally important to me, and I understand how scary it is to commit to a coaching program - believe me, I've been in your shoes many times!

If, for any reason, you're not completely satisfied with your purchase, simply request a refund within 14-days of signup or before our strategy session and get your money back in full.  

No questions asked, no hard feelings, no hassle. 

It’s time to go from burnt-out to brilliant. No more waiting. No more excuses. No more self-doubt. No more settling. It’s time to start enjoying your life. 


Frequently Asked Questions About Six-Figure Strategy

How do I know if this the right package for me?

My Six-Figure Strategy Program is for sucessful, driven people who want to stop being employees and start their own freelance, consulting or service-based business, OR existing freelance business owners who are not consistently generating at least $100,000 per year. This program is best for people that want work from home (or the beach) offering hands-on services or expertise to a niche audience, at a premium rate.  

I will guide you through finding your niche, creating your brand and key value proposition, setting up your website and social media profiles, marketing yourself and creating & selling your services. You'll have a plan for starting your business (or maximizing the one you have) and customized "checklists" of what to do next.  

Then, depending on your needs and my availability, I'll match you with a relevant success coach or I will meet with you weekly to keep you clear, focused and on task. 

I often work with creative freelancers, but the program principles are transferable to virtually any other service industry including coaching, accounting, and training.

If you're not sure, or want information on my Seven-Figure Strategy package (a six-month program for online entreprenuers and startup founders), book a free consultation here: https://calendly.com/kbagoy/coaching

What exactly do I get? What can I expect? What does the program cost? 

Once you've signed up for coaching, you'll receive a welcome packet via email with links to a coaching agreement and an intake form to fill-out prior to our first session so I can get to know you.

Our first session will be about creating the vision for your life and business and getting you focused on the WHY of starting your business. During and after our call, you'll spend some time setting your goals for your coaching program and your first year of business.

Based on your first session and homework, I'll go to work creating a plan for your customized coaching program and we'll schedule our 90-minute business strategy session. This session will vary based on your area of expertise, desired outcomes and business acumen but will generally include creating a business map or strategy plan that will suit your vision.

Your six-figure strategy package includes the following:

  • 1 45-minute foundational session with Kate to determine your vision, goals & define your customized plan
  • 1 90-minute business strategy session with Kate
  • 10 (weekly) coaching calls with a staff member, so you’re always focused & know what to do next
  • 1 45-minute exit strategy session with Kate to ensure your continued success upon program completion
  • Customized homework plan and intake forms based on your goals
  • Daily support (weekdays) via email or Voxer so you have a trusted advisor in your pocket
  • Access to any of my trainings (past or future), as well as custom programs & worksheets developed for you
  • Early access to new training, events and retreat opportunities, including a collaborative Marketing Bootcamp in The Cotswolds, England in Spring 2018, and upcoming group mastermind and networking opportunities
  • Up to 6-months to use your coaching sessions, because life sometimes happens
  • 100% online coaching program so we stay connected no matter where you travel.

Clients that have worked with me typically launch their new business within four weeks of their first session, including having a basic website, social profiles and initial client calls or offers. You continued results and income will vary based on your experience, dedication, available resources and drive to suceed. All of my clients have said that they started their business far sooner than they ever would have alone and that working with me greatly improved their confidence in their ability to run a sucessful business.

The cost of the program is $4,000 when paid in full. Monthly payment plans are available and custom payment agreements can be arranged for exectional candidates.

I have a business already - what can you help me with? What will we work on together? 

In your personalized program, we’ll plan your success, set your goals, define the strategies you’ll implement and create a map for growing your business to where you'd like to be – and you’ll know exactly what steps you need to take each week to reach your goals. After creating a map of your business + plotting your path, we’ll focus on these key areas for crafting a world-class, service-based business:

Strategy • Automation • Marketing • Sales Systems • Client Service • Innovation • Program Development • Optimization for Growth • Mindset 

Your mindset is the #1 driver in your success or failure – with the right mindset, everything else is figure-out-able. And this includes your personal life, because you're human first and business owner second – your life effects your business! Here are some of the things we might do together: 

  • Design programs, products or service offerings unique to you
  • Create raving fans that refer more and more clients to you
  • Implement automation systems so you can do more and work less
  • Identify the right lead-generation systems for you
  • Deal with day-to-day operations like finances, business licences’ and account systems
  • Develop passive income streams that will keep you business working for you, even when you’re not working
  • Discuss best practices and creative marketing strategies for Pinterest and Instagram
  • Optimize your time and limit distractions so you can focus
  • Break down the overwhelming number of items in your “to-do” list
  • Define you ideal client and learn how to talk to them how you NEED to
  • Explore business systems and software that work best for you and allow you to focus on what you do best
  • Create a world-class personal brand and website
  • Shift from thinking like an artist to thinking like a business owner
  • Bring authenticity to your brand and everything you do
  • Learn how to track numbers so you can monitor your growth effectively
  • Adopt a “testing” mindset so you launch early and often
  • Create unique content that resonates with your ideal clients who can’t wait to work with you.
  • Craft your LinkedIn profile to keep clients flowing in everyday
  • Set yourself up as an expert and start finding your tribe
  • Leverage social media to get leads, while limiting the time you spend online
  • Setup sales funnels that work for your business and keep you focused on the right things
  • Determine what you can outsource so you can focus on what you love
  • Seek collaboration or partnership opportunities that will increase your reach + revenue
  • Learn to market yourself as a solution to a problem, not just another {designer, artist, event planner, etc}
  • Find the programs and systems that help you run your business anywhere

Here are actual results some of my clients have gotten:

  • Growing their reach (social and email list) by 1,000’s within two weeks
  • Launching an online store and making a sale in the first month
  • Gaining the confidence to start a Meetup group
  • Landing their first client after 1 session together
  • Identifying passive income opportunties
  • Feeling creative again and having the confidence to start their business
  • Releasing mental blocks that have kept them from writing to now writing everyday
  • Finding partnership opportunities that lead to increased leads within 2 months

What industries do you have experience in? I spent the bulk of my career in design and tech, working for both Fortune 500’s and 3-people startups. I’ve worked with companies and people in just about every industry including retail, edtech, wellness, apparel, travel & tourism, online & app-based gaming, coaching, fishing, healthcare, restaurants, software, hardware, real estate, marketing, career counseling, health & beauty and construction.  

I'm not sure if I should be an entrepreneur or not. Can you help me? 

Possibly, but my time is limited and I’m very selective of who I work with. If you identify with any of the below statements, this program and my services will probably not be a good match:

  • You cannot or will not prioritize yourself and your business. If you don’t take yourself seriously, why should I?
  • You take everything personally or are otherwise unwilling to grow. If you’d prefer to stay stuck, I hear Netflix just released a new show.
  • You run your own business but pride yourself on being a “starving artist” or brag about how many hours you work. When you decide to stop wearing your low wages as a badge of honor, we’ll talk.
  • You’re only going into business for the money. I can teach you how to create a sustainable business you love AND set yourself up for creating wealth through multiple-income streams. But if your ONLY desire is fast cash, go read the 4-Hour Workweek and sell vitamins, it worked for Tim Ferris; I work best with people who value personal fulfillment over sales fulfillment.
  • You're uptight or easily offended. I drop the F-Bomb regularly, consider humor to be the best way through a challenge and sometime talk without a filter. #sorrynotsorry
  • You want a therapist or a caretaker. A coaches job is to push you out of your comfort zone and support you, not to heal your childhood trauma.

What's the difference between life coaching, business coaching, and therapy?

Coaching and psychotherapy both use knowledge of human behavior, motivation, behavioral change, and interactive counseling techniques but there are major differences in the goals, focus, and level of professional responsibility.  

The most distinct difference is that coaching primarily focuses on your future and how to get you where you want to go, while therapy primarily focuses on your past and healing pain. 

For example, a coach might uncover a limiting belief and use techniques to help you act inspite of the fear or belief. A therapist might help you analyze the belief, determine where it came from, note how it's shaped your behavior throughout your life and begin to heal any pain caused by the belief.  

Business coaching often (but not always) combines traditional coaching with specific business advice, strategy or even consulting - providing business education, business services and skills for maintaining the right mindset and acting in-spite of challenges.