From corporate hell to Hell yeah! Let's create a biz + life you love.

Six day master class: Escape your day job & build a six-figure location indie business

Imagine a life where...


…you wakeup excited to start your day instead of panicking and dreading work

…you make your own schedule and do what you love with people you adore

…you travel when you want without fear of losing your job or your income

…you feel confident in yourself and you skillset, and always know what to do next

…you spend 80% of your time doing what you love and are creatively fulfilled

…you have the energy to enjoy your life and don’t just exist to watch Netflix

I’m your shortcut to this life. Let’s talk.

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Women Ditching Tradition for Location-Indie Entrepreneurship

Kate Bagoy is a traveling business strategist, coach + consultant for creative boss babes ready to quit their soul-sucking jobs to make big income + impact from their location-independent or online business.

Now focused on guiding leaders through the transition from corporate hell to a “hell, yes!” lifestyle, Kate applies the same strategies she’s used in 15 years of successful business and mentorship to propel women into fulfilling, profitable, location independent business ownership – wether you’re ready to build a 7-figure online startup or just want to run a home-based freelance business.

Kate is a proud “quitter,” digital nomad, self-help junkie and design addict who believes you don’t have to choose between creativity and profitability.

Kate helped me dig deeper to understand how my goals would help me uncover the freedom and lifestyle I desire, while holing me accountable for the things I don’t feel comfortable doing.

Kate M.

Health Coach

In a one hour meeting with Kate, I went from feeling like I had NO idea how to start my business to having a fully laid out plan, and more importantly, full confidence I could do it.

Zoe W.

Wellness Entrepreneur, Well Wanderer

I love the homework assignments – it really does keep me on track and talking through the concerns and how to break them down into bite-size pieces is fantastic.

Christina T.

Founder + CEO, Inna & Ilia

This woman has a gift to share, I’ve been lucky enough to receive

Vanessa L.

Events Manager

Coaching + Consulting for Entrepreneurs

6-Figure Strategy

For artists, writers, consultants and creatives – build a six-figure business that allows you to work from home, or from anywhere, without worry.

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7-Figure Strategy

For future startup founders + new CEO’s ready to turn their million dollar idea into a real, rapidly-growing, world-class business.

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Success Coaching

Accountability and success coaching for quitters, creatives & business owners who need to move beyond overwhelm + procrastination to prosperity.

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Killer Design for Startups

From branding + websites that convert to comprehensive web + mobile apps – I transform ideas into beautiful, user-focused designs.

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You’ve made million$ for the corporations you’ve worked for. Isn’t it time you worked for yourself?

Tired of running on empty?

Start your day the right way to reclaim your time & energy.

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Live the life you've always dreamed of.  Find freedom you've always wanted. We'll start by creating your business.

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Start a six-figure consulting or creative business you can run from the beach or your pajamas.

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Tired of running on empty?

Start your day the right way to reclaim your time & energy.

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