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…you travel when you want without fear of missing a meeting or an opportunity

…you feel confident in yourself and you skillset, and always know what to do next

…you spend 80% of your time doing what you love and are creatively fulfilled

…you have the energy to enjoy your life and don’t just exist to watch Netflix

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Ditch Tradition for Entrepreneurship

Hi, I’m Kate Bagoy.

I’m a startup expert, award-winning consultant and life & business coach for new and aspiring entrepreneurs.

I landed my dream job at a Fortune 500 company right out of college, but quit after becoming so burnt out that my most meaningful relationships were with Netflix and Vodka.

After failing my first attempt at business ownership and earning my MBA, I moved to Silicon Valley to manage product design and marketing for a mobile startup. The valley wasn’t a fit, but I caught the startup bug and have been working with entrepreneurs ever since!

I’ve worked with more than 50 startups as a designer, marketer, product manager, strategist, analyst and advisor. I’m a graduate of the Portland Seed Fund, served as a mentor at multiple accelerators and educational programs including Washington State University’s MAP program and Georgia Tech’s ATDC Bootcamp and led projects for multiple Fortune 500 companies, including Nike, Ricoh, HP, Apple, BP and Microsoft. I hold a BFA in Graphic Design and an MBA in Marketing and International Business.

As a life and business coach, I apply the same strategies I’ve used in 15 years of business and startup mentorship to help you ditch golden handcuffs, reclaim your life, start a business and #workanywhere – wether you’re ready to build a million-dollar company or just want to run a home-based business – because I believe life is too short to simply exist, and anyone can be a business owner with the right mindset and mentorship.

My personal mission is to inspire and empower people to lead lives by design, not default, and to assist in the creation of 1000 women lead companies.


Business Coaching Success Stories

Kate is a phenomenal business coach and cheerleader. She is constantly encouraging me to dream bigger about my business, which I launched a year earlier than expected in huge part due to her encouragement. She helps keep me motivated and on task when I have doubts about my ability to keep moving forward. I would not be where I am today with my business without Kate's guidance.

Christina Thelin

Founder + CEO, Inna & Ilia

Kate is a remarkable being with a strategic and innovative mind. Having worked with her in different capacities, she is easily able to navigate you through different levels of thinking and ensures your best interest. Kate is a motivator who makes sure her clients best interest is at heart. She's helped me to define a few critical next steps in building my business. Without hesitation, I highly suggest working with Kate.

Carin Skowronsky

Content Strategist, Pairs Well With

Kate is exactly the kick in the pants I needed to stop dreaming and start doing. She gets to the bottom of things and has great ideas, each time we speak I leave more confident and excited, would definitely recommend!

Tara Whelan

Architectural Designer, Tara Whelan

In a one hour meeting with Kate, I went from feeling like I had NO idea how to start my business to having a fully laid out plan, and more importantly, full confidence I could do it.

Zoe Weiner

Wellness Entrepreneur, Well Wanderer

I wasn't quite sure what I wanted (I had several ideas but no idea where to begin) but I knew that I was capable of more than my previous career. With Kate's expertise, guidance, and support I am proud to say I will be launching my own business soon. She worked with me to pull out my natural strengths and broke everything down to small goals that led to where I needed to be. If you are willing to invest in yourself and work hard you can have your dream job/life.

Jesse Courtney

Writer, Coach + Speaker, Jesse Courtney

This woman has a gift to share, I’ve been lucky enough to receive

Vanessa Loney

Events Manager

Kate helped me dig deeper to understand how my goals would help me uncover the freedom and lifestyle I desire, while holing me accountable for the things I don’t feel comfortable doing.

Kate Mosesso

Health Coach, Nomadic Nourishment

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