It’s possible that I learned more in six months at this silicon valley startup than I have at any other job. From the minute I joined the team, it was nonstop action. Hired on as a Product Manager, my first task was learning and testing the product, reviewing customer complaints and determining what fixes and feature improvements we needed. I set the engineering team up with a list of more than 40 fixes, which saved several accounts from canceling. At the same time, I started working on designs for an improved UX, an iPad app and two other iOS and Android apps.

Next up was building a brand – this startup had been operating with two distinct brands and there was plenty of confusion in the media and from customers. We worked as a team to determine the best way to blend the brand and I set to work on updated designs for the two websites, as well as the back-end app building UX. When these updates were implemented, we saw an immediate boost in search engine traffic, user engagement, sign-ups and conversions.


iSites by GENWI iPhone App UX

UX wireframe designs for our flagship HTML5 app for iPhone. The design was also translated to our native iOS and Android apps.
genwi-iphone-2 genwi-iphone

iSites by GENWI iPap App UX

Early iPad UX designs. Content is user generated through the iSites app builder.

Pentagon Federal Credit Union

Designs for PenFeds iPhone, Android and iPad banking apps, as well as a custom web interface with user-level security.
genwi-penfed-apps-2 genwi-penfed-apps genwi-penfed-web UI Design

Web designs, illustrations and copywriting for corporate site.
genwi-www UI Design

Designs for static site and app builder interface
genwi-isites-publisher genwi-isites-www
When our CTO joined the company, I moved into a Product Marketing role. I was managing the relationship with our PR agency, landing articles in Mashable and Techcrunch. I developed collateral, banner ads, updated our social media presence and determined which conference and tradeshows we needed to attend. I also worked with our business development team and CEO to prepare presentations and mockups for major accounts and funding presentations. Overall, a great experience!

GENWI Collateral

Product Sheets and teasers designed primarily for tradeshows and conferences.
genwi-collateral-2 genwi-collateral

Nike App Mockups

Design mock-ups for major account presentation.

Banner Ads

Placed on and used in a re-targeting campaign.



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