I Love to Work with Quitters

Kate Bagoy, June 2017

Hi – I’m Kate, and I’m a quitter.

I’ve quit jobs, bad habits, activities that bored me, educational programs… I even quit worrying and focusing on perfection all the time.

When I let go of what no longer serves me, I’m better able to enjoy & embrace life.

I’m happier, more productive, more focused and energetic, and I live with joy.

I teach people how to walk through the fear of quitting and use success strategies they already possess to design lives & businesses they love – even when they are scared sh*tless – so they can live with joy.

I particularly love to work with women who quit corporate careers to create a legacy.

You know the kind – she’s successful and talented as hell, but will never be 100% satisfied working for someone else.

She’s an idea person, creative to the core, and she wants to change the world in her own little way. She’s a natural leader who people rally behind, and she always follows her intuition. She probably measures her personal success by how many countries she’s visited, and her career success by the people she’s impacted. She’s a woman who knows investing in herself always brings the best return and who isn’t willing to settle for anything less of extraordinary.

Can you think of someone like this? Someone who:

  • Needs help getting her online business started?
  • Wants accountability as she moves forward into entrepreneurship**?
  • Desires a partner to validate her ideas?
  • Is struggling to find her purpose?

I’d sure love to talk to her!

So much so that I’d love to reward you for connecting us. I’ve created an affiliate program that’s super simple.

Signup at the link below and if you connect me with this amazing woman and we end up working together, you earn a 10% referral fee. It’s that easy.

Click here to learn more and sign up ———- >

**Becoming a writer or an artist is starting a business – it’s simply a business with a personal brand. Read more about who I work with here.

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