Success is Not An Accident

You have the skills to build a successful business you can run from anywhere, but…

  • You’re overwhelmed
  • You’re stretched too thin
  • You’re unsure where to start

You are more powerful than you know, and yes you can design your perfect life and business. So why don’t we start right now?

Now Enrolling One-on-One Clients

Maybe you’re trying to start something new, but you’re all over the map and can’t get started. Sure, there are millions of things that you COULD do, but does that mean it’s what you SHOULD do?

Maybe your business is successful financially, but you feel stuck working on projects you hate. You’re overworked or lacking inspiration and have started questioning why you started your own business in the first place. #groundhogday

Or maybe you’re still working on salary but would rather set fire to the building then sit through yet another team meeting. You know you could do your best work from the beach – why the f*ck are you still going through the motions at your day job?

In a one hour meeting with Kate, I went from feeling like I had NO idea how to start my business to having a fully laid out plan, and more importantly, full confidence in myself that I could do it. She helped me set real, attainable goals and come up with ways to achieve them far sooner than I could have hoped.

Zoe W

"I love the homework assignments - it really does keep me on track and talking through the concerns and how to break them down into bite-size pieces is fantastic.

Christina T.

"I cannot thank you enough for all the awesome advice and perspective you provided today.

Lydia B.

"I mostly just need someone to hold me accountable for the things I don't feel comfortable doing, but so far you've really helped me reframe these tasks in a positive way!

Kara M.

My mission is to help liberate creatives from the cubicle & the daily struggle, and to prove you don’t have to choose between doing what you love to do and being successful.

You can learn how to build and scale your creative business effectively and efficiently from someone who’s done it.

Hello! I’m Kate Bagoy, an award winning UX designer, business consultant, digital-nomad and life-hacker turned Creative Business Coach and Lifestyle Strategist.

I’m here to share my experience with you: from how I built a part-time, six-figure creative business to how I run a business while traveling with Remote Year to how I recovered from perfectionism and addiction.

Success is not an accident, and you do not have to choose between fulfillment and abundance, or creativity and profitability. You can be multi-passionate, creative, nomadic and relaxed, and still build a successful six or seven figure business.

I’ll show you how I’ve designed my creative life and business, and how you can too.

I know you’re scrappy and can figure it out – but you don’t have to do everything alone. 

Creative Business Coaching Packages

Business Launch

12 sessions
  • BONUS: Early Access to New Programs
  • BONUS: Basic Website Review ($500 value)
  • Sessions expire after 6-months

Business Jumpstarter

4 sessions
  • Good if you’ve never had a coach or mentor before or still at the conceptual stage of business
  • Sessions expire after 60-days

Custom programs are also available! 

All packages include a 45-minute intake session focused on you creating your custom coaching program. Sessions must be cancelled within 24-hours of scheduled time or will be counted as a normal session. Payment plans available.

My Programs Are Best for:

Sidehustlers (bloggers, coaches, idea people):

You’re a writer looking to monetize your blog without selling out to “the man,” a vlogger with a 100,000 followers but $0 income or a creative person ready to share your knowledge with the world. You’re not ready to give up your day job but you know you’ve got a #milliondollaridea in your pocket. You need honest feedback, monetization strategies, business acumen and clear directives for how to turn your hobby or passion into a profitable side-hustle and future empire.


You’re ready to escape your day job and leap into freelancing, consulting or entrepreneurship. You know you never want to work for someone else again and and you’ve either already quit your job or are planning to quit your job in the next six-months. You have some ideas for your business but you’re questioning your talents, struggling to prioritize your side-hustle or are having panic attacks at the idea of giving up a known paycheck. You need reassurance you’re on the right track, proven strategies for getting started and the clarity and confidence to move forward.

Creative Solopreneurs:

You’re a creative freelancer or consultant earning good income but you’ve got at least one client from hell and you feel like you work more now than you did before you quit your day job. You want more clients so you can increase your revenue, but you’re not sure how you’ll ever support them with the time you have. Your gmail is overflowing to the point that you have a complete meltdown every time you look at it, and the most meaningful conversation you had this week was with your cat. You need systems, better clients, and strategies for 10x’ing your business while halving your time.

Lifestyle Entrepreneurs:

Congratulations! You’ve grown your business to a sizeable income and you’ve got systems in place that allow you the freedom to live a relaxed lifestyle. But you worry that if you take time off to travel through Nepal, or Facebook changes their algorithm again, or you get the flu in Vietnam (it happens, trust me) that everything will slip away and you’ll be back to the struggle. You’re ready to shift from business operator to business owner. You want to create passive income, but the idea of starting an affiliate marketing or dropship business sounds like a special sort of hell. You need guidance on scaling your business and creating resources & partnerships, real-world advice on running your business from the road and people to brainstorm with.

My Programs Are NOT for You if:

  • You cannot or will not prioritize yourself and your business. If you don’t take yourself seriously, why should I?
  • You take everything personally or are otherwise unwilling to grow. If you’d prefer to stay stuck, I hear Netflix just released a new show.
  • You pride yourself on being a “starving artist” or brag about how many hours you work. When you decide to stop wearing your low wage as a badge of honor, we’ll talk.
  • You’re just in it for the money. Go read the 4-Hour Workweek and sell vitamins, it worked for Tim Ferris; I work best with people who value personal fulfillment over sales fulfillment.
  • You are uptight or easily offended. I drop the F-Bomb regularly, consider humor to be the best way through a challenge and sometime talk without a filter.
  • You want a therapist or a caretaker. I’m not your momma and don’t want to be. My job is to push you out of your comfort zone and support you, not to hold you while you weep.

Are you building a business or ready to start? Are you ready to take your creative business to the next level? Are you seeking guidance, support, proven strategies and accountability?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, then business coaching might be for you.

Yes, you can:

…start your business today

…be multi-passionate and still have a cohesive brand

…be creative and artsy and a little strange and still earn six or even seven figures a year

…run a business that doesn’t run you

…turn your creative gifts into a profitable empire you can run from anywhere in the world

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