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Who is Kate?

Kate Bagoy is a startup expert, award-winning consultant and life & business coach for new and aspiring entrepreneurs. Kate applies the same strategies she’s used in 15 years of business and startup mentorship to help driven clients ditch golden handcuffs, reclaim their lives, start businesses and #workanywhere – wether they’re ready to build a million-dollar company or just want to run a home-based business.

Who I Work With

My coaching candidates are typically (but not exclusively) successful, well-educated, career women who decide to leave traditional leadership roles to start their own businesses. Generally I work with driven, creative, non-traditional people who loves to travel and are in business for more than just the money. For more information on who best to refer to me, see this page.

How it Works

After you create your account, you’ll get a link to access the “Partner Center” where you’ll be able to download banners and generate links to my free programs and one-on-one coaching applications. If someone clicks through to my site and becomes a customer within 45-days, I’ll pay you a commission. It’s as easy as that! Don’t worry – if you refer someone without the link, just tell them to give me your name when they apply for coaching and you’ll get credit!

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