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Kate Bagoy is an award winning UX designer, business consultant, digital-nomad and lifestyle strategist known for her unique problem-solving abilities and sense of humor. Now focused on helping creative entrepreneurs and aspiring travelers, Kate applies the same strategies she's used in 15 years of successful business to propel people through limiting fear into their dream lives.

It is never too late to:

It is NOT too late to:

  • Polish off that old dream or discover a new one
  • Start a new career
  • Start a new business
  • Write your book
  • Create your masterpiece
  • Travel the world
  • Learn what makes you happy
  • Live a life outside societal expectations
  • Wake up everyday with joy & gratitude

It is not too late to (re)design your life.

Your life is STILL full of possibility. Your future has not been determined, and your past is not an indicator of what is possible for you. Just because you got sidetracked, does not mean your dreams are forever out of reach. You chose financial security and stability over your art or entrepreneurship, and it’s served you well. But that dream never died, and you don’t have to settle anymore.

You know there is more to life than this.

Junior Achiever of America. Portland, Oregon, USA – 2012

When you were a kid, you knew there was unlimited potential in life. You imagined an excellent job you love that allowed you to travel the world, a beautiful loving relationship, lots of belly laughs, and so much passion.

You dreamed about making a living selling your art, or running your own business or writing books that inspired people.

What happened to that dream? What happened to that life?

When did you give up and settling for less? For mediocre? Or, hell, let’s be honest, when did you start eating this crap sandwich?

It is not too late to (re)design your life.

How I Designed My Life

I’m not magically lucky or independently wealthy – I’ve simply implemented a strategy for gaining clarity, making decisions, moving through fear and solving problems. Here are some of the tactics I’ve used to design my life:

  • Gained clarity on what I really wanted my legacy to me – that is, I learned what was most important to me, what brought me joy & passion, and what I wanted to look back upon at the end of my life
  • Took a solid life inventory, learning precisely what resources I have and what resources I need to reach my goals
  • Unearthed the underlying needs and emotions that were driving my actions and caused me crippling anxiety so I could address them in healthier ways
  • Got clear around money, and why it’s important to me, so I make better financial decisions
  • Set clear goals and broke them into small, daily, actionable steps
  • Stopped the negative self-talk that kept me stuck and started using language that propels me into action
  • Learned to let go of other peoples expectations and stopped worrying what they think, allowing me to be free to live a joyful life that I love
  • Invested in the help and resources I needed


Whether you’re a six-figure corporate leader, a creative freelancer or an aspiring entrepreneur who wants to travel the world, I can help.
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