"Kate is creative, strategic and tactical - an asset to any project."

Steve Craft, Design Operations Director, Nike

I’d Like to Buy a Goat

And he shall be named Bob. I’ll charge neighborhood kids for rides and become independently wealthy, at which point I will move to France and start collecting cats and teacups. In the meantime, I’m building a better internet.

About Me

What I Do

At the core, I’m a problem solver. I like to observe, analyze and organize. When faced with a challenge, I break it down into basic elements, which I reorganize in new and creative ways. I use these tools to manage complex projects, like building a ‘soup-to-nuts’ marketing plan, and for simple design.

Past Work

Freelance for Hire

I love to design and am available for freelance work! Need a logo or a wordpress site setup? How about a flyer or some SEO? I’ll work with you to determine your needs and can bill per-project or as a package. Let’s talk.

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