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Kate Bagoy is an award winning UX designer, business consultant, digital-nomad and lifestyle strategist known for her unique problem-solving abilities and sense of humor.

Now focused on helping creative entrepreneurs and aspiring travelers, Kate applies the same strategies she’s used in 15 years of successful business to propel people through limiting fear into their dream lives.

“Of All the Words of Tongue & Pen, the Saddest are These: It Might Have Been.”


I’m traveling as a digital nomad with Remote Year Kublai  for all of 2017 – signup below for updates!



Don’t let fear stop you from creating the abundant life and business you crave.

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Yesterday, I attempted to pack my suitcase for 13 months of travel, and began to virtually meet my Remote Year colleagues. Yep, things got pretty real. I had a mini-freak out when it didn't go according to plan, and started getting anxious about the fact that I'm...

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